Winter Wonder Festival 2016 – Elly’s Picks!

It was a magical time for figure collectors on the first weekend of February; Wonder Festival time was upon us once more! ✨ Wonder Festival (or WonFes for short) is a semi-annual event where people can showcase their garage kits and even sell a limited amount of them. But wait, there’s MORE! Not only are garage kits showcased, but major figure companies make an appearance to announce new figures that are going to be released soon along with showing some of the prototypes. Figure collectors around the world talked about this winter’s event with their favorite picks that they want to add to their collections, so I’d like to do the same. Here are my picks for this winter’s WonFes!

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Pokémon Symphonic Evolutions & Pokémon Center Plushies Sighting!

Early last month on December 4th, the Dr. Phillips Center was taken through a journey to Victory Road. The Pokémon Symphonic Evolutions tour made a stop at downtown Orlando to bring orchestral arrangements of music that Pokémon fans all know and love! 🎶 We were fortunate enough to be able to go to the show and enjoy a night filled with familiar melodies played in a style that I never thought I would hear.

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Cynthia Nendoroid Now on US Pokemon Center Webshop!

Quite awhile ago, back in February, the Cynthia Nendoroid was announced to be released as an exclusive to Pokemon Center shops in Japan and then on Several other independent shops like the Sunyshore Pokemart were able to secure some units for sale, making the Nendoroid slightly easier to obtain…but, the units up for sale online were not many. And so, a lot of fans were left without a chance to get the elusive Cynthia Nendoroid.

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Unusual Poké Dolls Sighting!

Poké Dolls are an incredibly cute little plush toy line that were named after an in-game item. The Pokémon Company has released various of them in Japan, and they’ve been slowly making their way to the US via certain shops like the Nintendo World shop in New York. The best way to get a good number of them are online…or so I thought! On one of our late night trips to WalMart, we browsed the trading card section near the registers to find…Poké Dolls plushies?!
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Cynthia Nendoroid Announced!

So if you were lucky enough to get the elusive Pokemon Trainer Red nendoroid, here’s a piece of news that’ll get you going! The official Japanese Pokemon site announced today that there will be a Cynthia nendoroid! It’ll come bundled with a Garchomp, of course!

Cynthia Nendoroid

Garchomp and the Pokemon Center stores in Japan will start to take orders from 3/7 to 4/15. The nendoroid will be released this summer on 7/25. The exclusivity may make you cringe and cry, but Sunyshore has the nendoroid up for order! But you better act quick, since there are only 200 spots open. Will you be picking up cute champion Cynthia and her Garchomp this summer?