Winter Wonder Festival 2016 – Elly’s Picks!

It was a magical time for figure collectors on the first weekend of February; Wonder Festival time was upon us once more! ✨ Wonder Festival (or WonFes for short) is a semi-annual event where people can showcase their garage kits and even sell a limited amount of them. But wait, there’s MORE! Not only are garage kits showcased, but major figure companies make an appearance to announce new figures that are going to be released soon along with showing some of the prototypes. Figure collectors around the world talked about this winter’s event with their favorite picks that they want to add to their collections, so I’d like to do the same. Here are my picks for this winter’s WonFes!

To start off, let’s focus on the new upcoming Type-Moon figure releases. Ever since the mobile game Fate/Grand Order was released, people have been giving Type-Moon‘s works more attention and some have stumbled upon them for the first time. With more people partaking in several Type-Moon series, their popularity is at the highest it’s ever been. Which mean…more figures! 🎉 I’ve been into Type-Moon’s stuff since 2003/2004 with Tsukihime and Fate/Stay Night being my first VNs I’ve played. My love is still going on strong, since my collection has a heavy focus on figures from various Type-Moon series.

Caster Figma
Caster from Fate/Extra in Figma form!

Max Factory is going to be releasing a Figma of the adorable Caster from Fate/Extra! This is interesting, because the only other Fate/Extra character to get a Figma released is Saber, and you could only acquire those if you purchased the limited edition sets of Fate/Extra and Fate/Extra CCC. One can only hope that they would release the Sabers once more along with Archer and perhaps…other characters? YES PLEASE! 🙏

Coming soon: a Tamamo Cat figure by Max Factory!

Speaking of Max Factory, they’re also releasing a 1/7-scaled figure of Fate/Grand Order’s Tamamo Cat. I’m actually really excited for this one, so I’m expecting a great level of detail from Max Factory!


Also from Max Factory…the 300th Figma, Gilgamesh. 🎉 I never thought a Gilgamesh Figma would ever get made, but here it is! I’m incredibly happy with the announcement and I’m eagerly looking forward to Figma’s release. There will be pictures! 📷

Shielder Figma
Shielder Figma from Max Factory!

Max Factory is also going to release a Figma of Fate/Grand Order’s Shielder. I’m interested in seeing the size of her shield in correlation to the Figma’s box! 😄 I’m also interested in seeing how easily it will be to pose her holding the shield.

Saber Alter GSC
The stunning Saber Alter by Goodsmile Company!

Goodsmile Company and the famous freelance illustrator huke have teamed up to collaborate on a very special 1/7-scaled Saber Alter figure. If you’ve seen the Black ★ Rock Shooter figures, this figure is done in a similar style, which is very eye-catching! Saber Alter is already up for order exclusively at the Goodsmile Company online shop and Tokyo Otaku Mode shop, so make sure to get your order in before the order period ends!

Saber Alter
Saber Alter…by ALTER! 😄

Alter is also releasing their own 1/7-scaled Saber Alter figure, but she’ll be in her Fate/Grand Order appearance when she ascends a third and final time. Alter always does such an excellent job with their figures, and this one looks to be excellent as well. I adore the detail and folds of her dress! 👗

Saber-Master Altria
Saber in a cute inform from Alter! 🎒

Also from Alter, a 1/7-scaled figure of an alternate version of Saber, Master Altoria. This version of Saber appears in Capsule Servant, a side-game included with the Vita version of Fate/Hollow Ataraxia for the PS Vita. Another Saber for my collection! 💖 She looks so cute in her uniform! This figure is currently available for pre-order; you can order one from CDJapan, Tokyo Otaku Mode, AmiAmi and other online retailers.


Caster in her Fate/Extra CCC attire by Broccoli!

Broccoli is releasing a 1/8-scaled figure of Fate/Extra’s Caster, but she’ll be in her new costume that she wears in the second game. I’m not that familiar with Broccoli’s figures, but I’m really liking how the figure is sculpted, especially her hair, ears and the cute, long sleeves! 💕

Medicom Toy is adding yet another entry to their highly-detailed Real Action Hero line: Saber! In this release, she’s modeled after her appearance when she ascends to her third and final form. Real Action Hero figures are ridiculously detailed, and their clothes aren’t sculpted, they’re actual fabric! They’re the best figures you can buy if you have the cash for them; they’re pretty pricey.

Aniplex’s Shielder figure!

Aniplex is releasing a 1/7-scale figure of Fate/Grand Order’s Shielder. This one will most likely be exclusive to the Aniplex + online shop. Shielder looks really faithful to her in-game illustration, so I’m looking forward to seeing the painted prototype soon!

Aquamarine’s Sakura Saber, ready for action!

What’s this? Yet another Saber figure? YES! Aquamarine is releasing a 1/7-scaled figure of Sakura Saber from Fate/Grand Order. She’s modeled after her appearance when she ascends a third time. The battle pose along with her serious expression brings out the figure’s charm! The Sakura Saber figure is available for pre-order at Goodsmile Company’s online shop, Tokyo Otaku ModeAmiAmi and other online retailers.

The beautiful Scathach! 😍

Ques Q will be releasing a 1/7-scaled figure of the lovely Scathach from Fate/Grand Order! I’m wondering if they’ll be using her in-game illustration, or if they’ll have her in a battle pose. Either way, I’m interested due to loving the character’s design since it was first revealed! 💕

The adorable Halloween Elizabeth design will get a figure! 💖

Here’s a bit of a surprise announcement: the Halloween Elizabeth design from Fate/Grand Order will have a figure, courtesy of Flare. I really adore this design! 💖 Can’t wait to check out what the prototype will look like!

Fate/Apocrypha’s Mordred in figure form from Phat Company!

Phat Company will be releasing 1/8-scaled figure of Fate/Apocrypha’s Mordred. This is another release I’m really excited for, since Phat Company always does such an amazing job on their figures! From the prototype, you can already see a ton of detail on Mordred’s armor! ✨

Now let’s move on to another series that has a lot of love from its fans: Touken Ranbu! The browser game celebrated its first year not too long ago, and it keeps getting new swords added in every so often. Due to its boom in popularity, it makes sense that there are plenty of figure releases for the guys, so here are the ones I’m excited to see!

Orange Rouge has been keeping busy; they’re going all out with Touken Ranbu figure releases and announcements! They’re going to release a 1/8-scaled figure of Ookurikara based on his in-game illustration. He’s already looking great! 👍 I wonder if this release will also feature an exclusive Goodsmile Company online shop-exclusive item like the other previous Touken Ranbu scaled figures…

Ookurikara Nendoroid
Even as a Nendoroid, Ookurikara looks cool! ✨

Orange Rouge will also be releasing an Ookurikara Nendoroid. I’m looking forward to seeing the extra faceplates!

Yamatonokami looks so cute! 😍

Also from Orange Rouge, a 1/8-scaled Yamatonokami figure. I’m already loving the detail on the clothing, his hair, and his sweet smile! 😍 Can’t wait to pair him up with Kashuu! 🎶

Nakigitsune in figure form! 💕

This 1/8-scaled Nakigitsune figure is something I’ve been waiting on ever since Orange Rouge started making Touken Ranbu figures. He looks fantastic! The work on the mask and his face is very detailed! Also, Nakigitsune’s fox looks adorable. 💕

Gokotai and all of his snow tigers!

Orange Rouge continues to impress with their work on their Touken Ranbu figure line. This 1/8-scaled Gokotai figure features all of the snow tigers that accompany him! I didn’t think they would actually sculpt ALL of them, so I’m quite pleased with how this prototype is looking. 👍

Touken Ranbu Nendoroid
Hotarumaru, Heshikiri, and Mikazuki Nendoroids!

The Nendoroid party never ends! Orange Rouge will be releasing the Hotarumaru, Heshikiri and Mikazuki Nendoroids. They’re all so cute! 💖 Mikazuki is in his casual clothes this time around. I wonder what other kind of accessories and faceplates he’ll have…

Coming soon: a scaled Heshikiri figure!

Orange Rouge will also be releasing a scaled Heshikiri figure. Heshikiri was one of the first few swords I smithed in Touken Ranbu, so he has a special place in my heart. 💘 That being said, I’m eagerly awaiting to see the prototype!

A Monoyoshi figure so soon? Wow!

One of the newer swords, Monoyoshi, will have a scaled figure made by Orange Rouge. This was a bit of a surprise, since he’s still relatively new and other swords who’ve been around for longer haven’t gotten a figure release yet. I’m looking forward to seeing how they capture his expression in the prototype!

Monoyoshi Nendoroid
Monoyoshi Nendoroid!

Orange Rouge will also release a Monoyoshi Nendoroid. I’m curious to see what they’ll choose for his faceplates!

Kotobukiya’s Hotarumaru!

Kotobukiya decided to jump in the fray with making Touken Ranbu figures! They’ll be releasing a 1/8-scaled Hotarumaru figure in their ARTFX J line. I’m…really relieved this one will be the same scale as the other scaled Orange Rouge figures, otherwise it’d be weird posing them all together if the sizing was different. What I’m curious about…is whether Kotobukiya will release other Touken Ranbu figures…like perhaps…Iwatooshi? YES, PLEASE!!! 🙏

Wow, that’s a lot of figure releases for Type-Moon and Touken Ranbu; it’s pretty much the bulk of my list! I do have several other pieces that I really like, so let’s take a look at those.

Osomatsu Nendoroid Petit
Orange Rouge’s Osomatsu-san trading figures!

We have ALL been waiting for Osomatsu-san figures, and Orange Rouge is happy to feed our hunger! 🍴 I’m wondering if they’ll do more of these trading figures with them in different outfits…

Osomatsu-san Figmas? Sign me up!

All of the Matsuno brothers will get their own Figmas, courtesy of Orange Rouge! I’m EXTREMELY excited to see what sort of accessories each of them will get. Will Choromatsu have his “fapping in progress” sign? Will Totty have that one iconic expression as an additional faceplate? I want to know!!! 💦 Orange Rouge also mentioned on their twitter account that they’ll be releasing all six Matsuno brothers as Nendoroids. Osomatsu-san fans will have plenty of figures to purchase!

Yufuin En Nendoroid
This Yufuin En Nendoroid has slayed me with his CUTENESS! 😍 💀

Also from Orange Rouge is Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu Love!’s Yufuin En in Nendoroid form! When this was first announced, I couldn’t believe it! And they started with my favorite guy from the series too? THANK YOU! 🎉 En is currently available for pre-order at the Goodsmile Company online shop, CDJapan, AmiAmi and other online retailers.

Another announcement that took me by surprise is that Phat Company is releasing…MORE Ninja Slayer Figmas?! ⁉️ What?! This series doesn’t have much merchandise, so I’m ecstatic to see these! Phat Company will be releasing Figmas of the animation design version of Ninja Slayer, Dark Ninja and Yamato Koki.

An ARTFX J of Red with Pikachu? Pre-orders when?!

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pokemon, Kotobukiya is planning on releasing an ARTFX J figure of Red accompanied by his trusty partner, Pikachu. If this figure is going to look just like the illustration does, I will pre-order this the second it goes up! I’ve loved Pokemon since Pokemon Red and Blue, so this year will be a special year to celebrate the fun games I’ve enjoyed for so long. 💖

Pokemon Red & Green Nendoroids
Red and Green look PERFECT! ✨

Since we’re on the topic of Pokemon…Goodsmile Company is also taking part in the celebration! They’ll be releasing this very special Nendoroid set that has Red, Green and Mew. Goodsmile Company definitely captured Sugimori’s version of the characters well and implemented that in their own Nendoroid style. This is probably one of the figure sets I want the most right now, so I’m anxiously waiting for pre-orders to open!

Toy’s Works has driven Free! fans crazy…because they’re releasing these amazingly sexy 1/8-scaled Rin and Sosuke figures! The amount of detail on the folds of their clothing and on their abs is insane! Also…their poses are pretty WILD! 💦

What’s also wild…are their tattoos! 💦 Yep, these are a must-order for me! Rin is available for pre-order over at CDJapanAmiAmi and HobbySearch, but Sosuke is sadly out of stock in most places. There are also exclusive versions of Rin and Sosuke that include and extra faceplate over at the Chara-Ani online shop. You can only order those via a forwarding service though, so please keep that in mind!

Finally, a Saitama Figma!

One-Punch Man fans, rejoice! 🎉 Saitama is finally getting a figure! Max Factory will be releasing a Saitama figma. They have plenty of expressions to choose from for the faceplates, so I’m eager to see what they’ll be! Also…what kind of accessories will we see included…?

Genos looks too cute in his Nendoroid form!

Another reason for One-Punch Man fans to be happy: everyone’s favorite cyborg husband will have a Nendoroid! Goodsmile Company really did well on Genos’ expression while still remaining incredibly cute in his Nendoroid form. 💕 Maybe a Sonic Nendoroid will be next…? One can only hope! 🙏

Galko-chan Nendoroid
Pretty Galko-chan Nendoroid!

Goodsmile Company is also releasing a Galko-chan Nendoroid. I’ve really been enjoying watching Oshiete! Galko-chan, so I’m happy to see that Galko-chan will have a figure already. 🎶 I’m hoping that they’ll also release Otako and Ojou, so Galko-chan won’t be lonely!

Metaknight Nendoroid
Can’t wait for this Nendoroid!

If you all loved the adorable Kirby Nendoroid, you’ll be delighted to hear that Goodsmile Company has decided to release a Metaknight Nendoroid. I can’t wait to see the prototype for this one! This one is a MUST if you already have the Kirby Nendoroid.

Overlord Nendoroid
An Ainz Nendoroid? WOW!

Another surprise announcement: Goodsmile Company will be releasing Overlord’s Ainz in Nendoroid form. Look at the amount of work done to his face! This is a really cool design that’ll captivate both fans and people who haven’t seen Overlord yet.

UtaPri Nendoroid Petits! 😍

Yes, that’s right, there’s another UtaPri Nendoroid Petit set to be released! Orange Rouge will be releasing the Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love Revolutions Nendoroid Petits. I’m already on board because the set will have Camus, Ranmaru, Ai and Reiji. 😍

Gwendolyn Figma
Just take my wallet, okay? 💸

Yet another big surprise was the Figma announcement of Odin Sphere’s Gwendolyn. I’m mostly curious about how they’ll do the feathers. I’m already wanting to pre-order! Will Velvet also have a Figma release?! (Please say “yes!”) 🙏


Max Factory will be releasing a Yami Yugi Figma. This is great news for those who didn’t get the Kotobukiya Yu-Gi-Oh! ARTFX J figure line. I’m hoping they release the other characters for that same reason. Also…posing them will be something that many people will want to do (myself included!).

🎊 YES 🎊

That’s right, Persona 3’s main character (named “Yuki Makoto” in the movies) will have a Figma! 🎉 I know plenty of Persona 3 fans have been waiting for this, so let’s hope a prototype is shown soon.

Really loving how the smoke is represented in this Hōzuki figure by Ques Q!

Ques Q is going to be releasing this impressive 1/8-scaled Hōzuki figure. This is probably the best Hōzuki figure I’ve seen, so I’m kinda glad I didn’t get the other releases by other companies. Ques Q was kind enough to also Shiro! 🐶

Kekkai Sensen - Leonard Watch Alter

What’s this…a Kekkai Sensen figure…by Alter?! YES, PLEASE! This 1/7-scaled Leonard Watch figure is modeled after his design in the ending credits. I’m suddenly really excited for thinking that Alter will release some of the other characters in this style as well!


I thought it was a rare treat when Goodsmile Company released Sakura Taisen nendoroids awhile back…but this? This is the PRETTIEST Sakura figure I’ve ever seen! 😍 Kotobukiya’s ARTFX J line continues to impress with high-quality releases. I’m definitely a fan!

Now THIS was unexpected!!! ❗️ ❕

Since we’re on the topic of Kotobukiya’s ARTFX J line…they’re also releasing…get this…a Spike Spiegel figure! ❗️ ❕ I never would have thought that any figure company would just suddenly do Cowboy Bebop figures, but here we are. This is another release of theirs that I’ll be picking up.

It’s over; they KNOW what we WANT! Just relinquish your wallets now. 💸

One of the biggest surprises for me was the announcement of a Saya no Uta figure. Yet another figure announcement I never thought I’d see! Wing will be releasing this wonderful 1/7-scaled Saya figure. So far, the sculpt is looking pretty good! I wonder if they’ll have her be supported by a clear beam that goes from her back to the base. Having it be completely visible might detract from the whole design. I’ll be watching updates on this one like a hawk!

Acimov showcased their line of super cute socks! Designs varied from Wooser, Street Fighter and Pokemon. You might be saying: “But Elly, these aren’t even figures.” Yeah, I know…but these socks ARE CUTE AS HELL! I want a pair of each! 💖

And now…for the one figure I, and many other DRAMAtical Murder fans waited for and were teased about months ago…Native‘s Aoba painted prototype was shown!

(Warning: the following pictures are NSFW, so please view at your own risk! I spaced this so you know where to quickly scroll past and when to stop.)









…alrighty, you were warned!



Native, famous for their cast-off figures, ventures into a brand-new territory: figures aimed at women. They’ll be releasing their first-ever cast-off male figure, and who better for that honor than the famous Aoba from DRAMAtical Murder? If you would have told me years ago that Native would be making a male cast-off figure, I would have laughed in your face for a long time! It’s just unreal that this figure is getting made.

The figure is based on an original illustration by DRAMAtical Murder’s artist, Honyarara. The figure seems completely faithful to the illustration; it was sculpted and painted well! It’d be neat to get the illustration as a pre-order bonus…let’s hope so! 🙏








As you can see, there were plenty of reasons to be excited for this WonFes. There were a lot of surprises that fans never thought they’d see; reading people’s reactions on Twitter as the event went on was a true delight! Which figures from this WonFes are you most excited for? Which ones are you planning on getting? Feel free to drop a comment below with your picks!

Until next time, happy collecting!


What’s this? A figure of me? Cool, let’s take a peek and see if they’ve captured my charm! 🎵
Alright, finally my tur–
… I can’t tell anyone about this… (It’s ok Aoba, they already know!) (Image credit: enju774 on Twitter.)



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3 thoughts on “Winter Wonder Festival 2016 – Elly’s Picks!”

  1. I’m drowning in TouRabu hell and I love it. I’m definitely planning to pre-order the Nagikitsune, hotarumaru, Gokotai, and both Hasebe’s. I also plan to pre-order Genos. I’ve also pre-ordered one set of the Uta Pri Petits (The one with Ai in it, I missed the other set >_<), the En nendo, and the Rin water-gun version OTL It's really great being a female collector these days but makes my wallet cry. (Let's not forget the already announced Haikyuu! nendo line too — and they might be starting up a Teni Puri line as well)

    I was hoping Altair/Alter would have announced some more figs for their male line but I"m glad we at least got Leonardo!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. SAME HERE! I’m really, really hungry for a Iwatooshi figure though…Orange Rouge, are you listening?! I’m thinking that I’m going to get all the cast in their detailed scaled figure forms and Nendoroid forms. Their current releases are just so well-done that I can’t resist ordering the new ones…they’ve got me in their clutches!

      I just found out that the UtaPri nendo petits are shop exclusive and I’m just so SAD! WHY exclusive?!?! AGH! ; ;

      Yeah, between last year and what we’ve seen of this year so far…it’s the right time to collect pretty boy figures! *A* Our wallets are hating us though, haha.

      From what I’ve been seeing for years, Alter doesn’t announce too many figures per show unlike GSC or Megahouse. I’m okay with that, because it feels like they’re focusing more on the quality of their figures that they’re known for rather than quantity.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh my, I applaud you (and your wallet) for planning to buy all the scales and nendos of the sword boys @ A @ I’m trying to limit myself to my favorites (which is still admittedly a lot haha).
        Also, the UtaPri ones are available on NY thank gosh. The first set is already sold out but it seems the second one is still available!:

        Here’s the first one if you want to keep an eye out:

        Very true about Alter. Plus even if they did announce it pre-sculpted/planned, it would take them more than a year to produce it xD

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