Believe It or Not: The Saga of Naruto Boy

“Man, I don’t CARE about Naruto. Shut up about it already!”, said a very disgruntled student, as he struggled with the current material he had to know for a midterm exam. Did that impede the other student from raving on about Naruto? Oh, how I hoped that it did… but it did not. “You SHOULD care, because Naruto is the best anime and manga on the PLANET!”


Aw jeez… This study session was deviating from its purpose quite a bit! And who was to blame? Who else but Naruto Boy?


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Why Majima Is–Ghosts and Spirits Bugging You? Call Anime’s Greatest Psychic: Reigen Arakata!

You look like you’ve got something weighing you down. No, it isn’t your boss making you work late and stealing your free time. It isn’t your lack of a love life keeping you home alone. It isn’t your lack of social skills keeping you from making friends. No! It’s spirits and ghosts! If you need help, you need Reigen Arakata’s services, the Greatest Psychic of the 21st Century! So read on, fair customer!

Hello, my dear readers. ✨ Like I mentioned in the previous post, I’m gonna get serious about updating the blog more regularly this year, and to make good on that word, I have something really cool for today’s post! “What’s that?”, you’re excitedly asking?




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Hello? Is This Thing On?

Oh, there we go. Hello everyone. It’s 2019, and… a bit past a year since I’ve written anything on here, huh? It’s been almost a couple of years since this post right here, where I attempted to move forward the best I could. I certainly had plans to put forth into action, but after everything, depression had very different plans for me for half of 2017 and all of 2018. Painful and unfortunate plans, sadly. As a heads up, this is going to be quite personal with my feelings on some events that happened, plus depression, so if that ain’t your thing, there’s that warning for you.


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