Why the Beastmaster & Prince Kickstarter Failed

On February 10th, along with the aid of Otomate World, Gloczus launched a Kickstarter campaign to push forward a chance to localize the otome game series Beastmaster & Prince, complete with all of its fandiscs. Even with the incredible support of over a thousand backers, the project failed to gain its needed funds…but why is that? Let’s evaluate what went wrong and how several problems could have been solved in order for Gloczus to have had a successful campaign.

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“Who’s Your Favorite Bachelor?” – Otomate World’s Latest Contest!

Did you miss Otomate World‘s previous contest? Fear not! They’re currently running yet another contest with several goodies to be won.

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Beastmaster & Prince -Flower & Snow- Kickstarter Campaign!

Otome fans of the West: IT’S TIME!!! It’s time to show Otomate how much we want localized otome games to play, enjoy and support! Gloczus, with the help of our good friends at Otomate World, have launched a Kickstarter campaign that will aid in localizing Beastmaster & Prince, Snow Bride, and Ex Another story. It’s not just the base game, but ALL available games in the series! So, otome fans of the West, it’s time to support this cause that will surely get the ball rolling on having more and more otome games making their way over to us to enjoy and support.

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