Anime Expo 2016 and Their Exclusives!

It’s that magical time of the year, ya’ll…Anime Expo time!Ā šŸŽ‰ Ā Anime Expo is famous for havingĀ several exclusive merchandise that people can buy from certain booths in the conventionā€™s dealerā€™s room, along with having exclusive events that people can attend. Just like last year, I’ve compiled information of the announced exclusive merchandise along with other essential information for con-goers have handy while at the event. Let’s see what we have to look forward to for this year’s event!

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Purrfectly Ever After Demo Overview

Hello, my dear readers! Today we’ll be taking a look at Weeev‘s Purrfectly Ever After.Ā šŸ¾ IĀ had the pleasure of playing the Purrfectly Ever After demo; I’m really digging it so far! It gives a bit of a feel of what kind of heroine Pastel is and her determination to help those in need.

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