Anime Expo 2016 and Their Exclusives!

It’s that magical time of the year, ya’ll…Anime Expo time!¬†ūüéČ ¬†Anime Expo is famous for having¬†several exclusive merchandise that people can buy from certain booths in the convention‚Äôs dealer‚Äôs room, along with having exclusive events that people can attend. Just like last year, I’ve compiled information of the announced exclusive merchandise along with other essential information for con-goers have handy while at the event. Let’s see what we have to look forward to for this year’s event!

To kick things off, we have Goodsmile Company¬†(booth #1100), who will¬†have a number of product samples on display and will also have lots of good stuff¬†on sale! This year,¬†GSC celebrates its 15th anniversary, which is also the 20th anniversary year for the popular magical girl series ‚ÄėCard Captor Sakura‚Äô.¬†To commemorate both anniversaries, CLAMP has drawn an all-new original illustration which is going to be transformed into a figure by GSC!¬†ūüĆł¬†The painted prototype of this figure will be¬†displayed for the first time at their booth, so make sure to stop by to check it out! They’ll also have a Goodsmile Racing history exhibition over at the Entertainment Hall (West Hall) in booth # 18, which will additionally have some Goodsmile Racing goods available for purchase.¬†Here’s their sales menu:


Voltage¬†(booth #2009) makes their return to Anime Expo, and they’re bringing a lot of stuff for sale with them! They’ll also be having a special convention campaign: if you play their trial games at their booth (which are¬†previews of future apps and stories available only at AX), you’ll get a free fan. Also, if you answer their survey, you’ll get a free mini-poster. Additionally, they’ll be having a special free giveaway in all of their mobile apps from July 1st to July 5th, so remember to log in and claim your free goodies! Here’s their sales menu:voltage 1voltage 2
Portrait Gacha Lottery varies from the following:
„ÉĽAfterschool Affairs (1 ver.)
„ÉĽEnchanted in the Moonlight (2 ver.)
„ÉĽKissed by the Baddest Bidder (3 ver.)
„ÉĽLove Letter from Thief X (2 ver.)
„ÉĽMy Forged Wedding (1 ver.)
„ÉĽOur Two Bedroom Story (3 ver.)
„ÉĽEra of Samurai: Code of Love (3 ver.)
„ÉĽScandal in the Spotlight (3 ver.)
„ÉĽStar-Crossed Myth (4 ver.)
„ÉĽBe My Princess: PARTY (2 ver.)
„ÉĽMy Forged Wedding: PARTY (2 ver.)
„ÉĽSamurai Love Ballad: PARTY (3 ver.)
„ÉĽGangsters in Love (1 ver.)Also, there is a version of special secret collaboration portrait!voltage 3voltage 4
voltage 5
Sticker Set selections:
„ÉĽKissed by the Baddest Bidder ver.
„ÉĽOur Two Bedroom Story ver.
„ÉĽStar-Crossed Myth ver.
„ÉĽBe My Princess: PARTY ver.
„ÉĽSamurai Love Ballad: PARTY ver.voltage 6voltage 7voltage 8 voltage 9voltage 10These illustrations are only available at Anime¬†Expo 2016!¬†The illustration comes
with gold color frame. Both designs (Leon/Scorpio) are limited items; only 15 are available. Every illustration has a serial number (from 1 to 15).

Cybird¬†(booths #915-916) will be making their first appearance at Anime Expo this year, and they have quite a bit planned for us! Not only will they have merchandise to sell, but they will offer¬†a chance to win a life-size standee! Along with that, they’ll be offering a badge-trading service for gacha badges purchased at their booths (makes it easier to complete a set!), while also handing out freebies, like a bags, pamphlets and postcards. Here’s their sales menu + other info:Cybird 1Cybird 2Cybird 3Cybird 4Cybird 5

Idea Factory International (booth #809/909) makes their return to Anime Expo this year, but unlike last year, they’ll have a booth with stuff for sale! They’ll have limited edition sets of games that have long sold out on their website, so for people who missed their chance, this is a great opportunity to pick those up! Here’s what they’ll have for sale:Iffy 1Iffy 2Iffy 3

NIS America (booth #2605) will have a variety of activities through the Dood Quest 2: Day of the Red Moon¬†event, where attendees complete a series of tasks to get a special prize! They’ll also have items for sale even though they don’t list what they’ll be bringing along with them. For more information on their event and autograph sessions information, click here.

The Rilakkuma/San-X¬†(booth #4405) booth makes its return with more adorable goods of everyone’s favorite lazy bear!¬†ūüźĽ They’ll also have a special display, “Rilakkuma Home,” where you can take photos in. While they’ll have some exclusive goods, the only ones they’ve revealed are these t-shirts:Rilakkuma 2

Aniplex¬†(booth #3201) is back, and bigger than ever! They’ll have plenty of events for fans to take part in throughout the weekend. Of course, they also will offer a large amount of exclusive goods for attendees to purchase. Here’s their sale’s menu:Aniplex 2Aniplex 3Aniplex 4Aniplex 5Aniplex 6Aniplex 7Aniplex 8Aniplex 9Aniplex 10Aniplex 11Aniplex 12Aniplex 13Aniplex 14Aniplex 15Aniplex 16Aniplex 17Aniplex 18This isn’t even all they have to offer! For a full list of what they’ll have on sale, click here to see their item order form.

Kotobukiya‘s booth (booth #4810) will mainly have their products on display, while handing their special event catalog. They’ll have 3 exclusive rubber charm sets for sale.¬†Every sales transaction also qualifies you for a chance to spin their lucky draw booth event! Here are the exclusive charms for sale + their booth event info:Kotobukiya 1Kotobukiya 2

The Sekai Project booth (booth #4416) will have¬†what looks like their biggest selection of exclusive goods this year! Some of the items are limited in quantity, so come early to make sure you get the best selection. Click here to read up on what they’ll be up to at the convention. Here’s their sales menu:Sales Menu3

Manga Gamer (booths #2414/2514/2515) will have lots of goodies for attendees to pick up this year, including physical copies of¬†Kindred Spirits, euphoria, Beat Blades Haruka, and Kara no Shojo 2. There’s going to be a lot of No, Thank You!!! goods as well, since the game’s artist, Shigeo Hamashima will be there! Click here to see what they’ll be up to this year at AX. Here’s their sales menu:

MG 1MG 2MG 3MG 4

Crunchyroll (booth #1701) will, once again, bring their live stage to the exhibit hall along with several activities for attendees to do, not to mention some goods to buy. They’ll be freebies to pick up at their booth as well, so don’t miss those! One neat thing they’re doing that I found interesting: if you’re staying at¬†at the J. W. Marriott or the Westin Bonaventure, you can¬†get one of their AX exclusive room key cards featuring some of the titles they offer on their streaming service. Click here to read up on what they’ll be doing for AX. Here’s what they’ll have at their booth:

CR 1CR 2

galaxxxy will be having a pop-up shop at Anime Expo along with appearing on¬†their¬†Fashion Show. Details of where the pop-up shop will be is unknown, since they provided no booth number (nor AX lists it on their site), but it’ll be nearby, so keep a lookout for it! It’s also worth noting that Anime Expo and galaxxxy collaborated to make a really sweet-looking cap for people to buy at Anime Expo’s¬†Merch Store in South Hall Lobby.

galaxxxygalaxxxy 2

Daisuki (booth #2901), being as ‚ú®AMAZING‚ú® as they are for putting together an event like Anisong Matsuri, will have special goods in celebration of their event! Also, if you purchased a ticket that includes a bonus item, click here for the info needed on where to pick up your bonus item. Here’s what Daisuki will have at their booth:

Daisuki 1Daisuki 2Daisuki 3

Frontwing¬†(booth #726/626) will be making their exhibit hall debut with several goods for fans to buy. They’ll also be having a Facebook Like campaign: if you Like their Facebook page and show them you’ve done so through your mobile device, they’ll give you an AX-exclusive postcard. Here’s what they’ll have for sale:

Frontwing 1

Tokyo Otaku Mode (booth #2901) will have a booth this year, and they’ll be bringing with them some of their most popular items from their online shop for sale. They’ll also be livestreaming what’s going at their booth for those who won’t make it to AX this year. Here’s some of the stuff they’ll have at their booth:


Visual Arts/Key¬†(booth #628/728) will have not only a booth with some goods available for purchase, but they’ll also have a Key Fan Dinner Party featuring special VA and Key guests! Here’s their sales menu along with the info for the Fan Dinner Party event:

160613_Anime_EXPO_2016_menu01_syukou_ol160613_Anime_EXPO_2016_menu01_syukou_olVA 3

Degica Games¬†(booth #4210)¬†is back at this year’s¬†Anime Expo, but this time they’ll have¬†a lot more merchandise for fans to purchase. They’ll also have several booth events going on, such as an open Q&A session, autographs sessions and cosplay meetups! Here’s a preview of what they’ll have at their booth + their booth events:

Degica 1Degica 2

FAKKU¬†(booth #705) seems to be getting bigger each year; this year they’ll have a lot of events going on along with some convention-exclusive merchandise! They’ll¬† have a huge walk-in industry booth in the Exhibit Hall with all of their¬†books and projects on display. Click here and here for some of their convention-exclusive goods they’ll have for sale (NOT WORKSAFE!!!).

Bookwalker¬†(booth #105) will be having a booth event where you can get a $10 eBook gift card and be eligible to win some prizes. Additionally, they’ll be hold autograph sessions for both Okayado and Nami Sano (PLEASE READ SAKAMOTO!!! IT’S SO GOOD!). If you bring¬†a physical copy of any book by the author to their booth, you’ll get an autograph ticket. You’ll also get the digital Vol.1 for free, plus a special Shikishi autograph board to use. If you don’t have the physical¬†books, you can¬†also purchase a Monster Musume eBook or Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto eBook¬†for an autograph ticket. Details on their autograph sessions + other panel info can be found here. Here’s some of the items you could win at their booth event:


Sentai Filmworks¬†(booth #3801) will have what’s looking to be their biggest booth this year with plenty of goods to buy! They’ll have convention-exclusive merchandise along with the Premium box sets, t-shirts, button packs and specialty apparel. If you spend a certain amount at their booth, you’ll get freebies thrown in with your purchase. Along with that, they’ll have a¬†special giveaway, sweepstakes and autograph sessions going on at their booth. Details on their giveaway + sweepstakes + autograph sessions can be found here. Here’s some of their convention-exclusive goods and their giveaway/sweepstakes teasers:

sentai 1sentai 2sentai 3sentai 4sentai 6sentai 5

Bluefin Distribution¬†(booth #1401) will be at Anime Expo once more with all the Gunpla and action figures you could ever want! They’ll have the following¬†convention-exclusive Gunpla for fans to buy:

bluefin 1bluefin 2bluefin 3bluefin 4bluefin 5bluefin 6bluefin 7

Capcom (booth #505) ¬†won’t have their impressive shop setup like last year (*sobs*), but they’ll have plenty of events and gatherings. You can also play the demos of Monster Hunter Generations and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of justice at their booth! Click here for more details of their events.

Aksys Games¬†(booth #2805) will be holding¬†Guilty Gear Xrd REVELATOR and BlazBlue CENTRAL FICTION tournaments at¬†their booth. The tournaments are free to enter, but are limited to 32 entrants per game. Details of the tournaments can be found here. They’ll also have their games for sales at their booth, but the most notable item is the Zero Time Dilemma game bundled with the¬†watch that they’ll have available; those will be very limited in number, so make sure to pick up yours early!

On the topic of Zero Time Dilemma…the folks at Real Escape Game LA will be holding their first ever puzzle hunt in LA available only during the Anime Expo weekend: the Zero Escape Puzzle Hunt!¬†¬†Players will explore both the ¬†Anime Expo venue and the Little Tokyo neighborhood in order to solve puzzles. There is no 60-minute time limit and you can start, stop, and resume the game any time between 12pm and 8pm during the Anime Expo weekend. Details on how to start the game and the list of prizes can be found here.

Inti Creates (booth #310/311) will be making their first Anime Expo appearance with some playable demos for attendees to play. Fans will be able to play the Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 and Bloodstained Ritual of the Night demos that Inti Creates had at E3!

Rice Digital and PQube¬†(booth #815) will be banding together to present their Gal*Gun: Double Peace booth. You’ll be able to play the demo of the game at their booth. Additionally, you can buy some exclusive goods that they’ll have available:

Pony Canyon¬†(booth #800) is back, and they’re bringing all sorts of exclusive merchandise in addition to having autograph sessions and panels! If you want to keep updated with all details of what they’ll be up to, click here. Here’s the list of the items they’ll have at their booth:


Funimation¬†(booth #109) will be all about My Hero Academia this time around! They’ll have panels and autograph sessions centered around the series along with having their usual merchandise booth. Click here for panel and autograph information. Also, if you fill out a survey, you can get an exclusive My Hero Academia pin. Here’s what the pin will look like:


Viz¬†(booth #2205) will be celebrating their 30th anniversary in a grand scale with all the events they have planned for Anime Expo!¬†They’ll be¬†releasing key products early, creating special items, and sourcing limited edition products straight from Japan just for this show. In addition to that, there will be a very special autograph session with Kazue Kato at a Barnes & Noble in The Grove.¬†The signing will be limited to the first 100 customers who purchase any Kazue Kato book from Barnes & Noble at The Grove beginning July 1st at 9 am, with the signing at 7 pm. Customers will receive a wristband for a guaranteed spot to meet the author at the autograph session later that day and receive an exclusive shikishi art board. More details about the session ca be found here. Here’s the sales menu for Viz:

Viz 1Viz 2

Kodansha Comics¬†(booth #3501) will have what looks like an interesting booth layout this year! They’ll be selling their books, and they’ll also have a¬†a scavenger hunt-style quest based on Arakawa-sensei‚Äôs hit manga Your Lie in April. First 1000 participants will get an AX Exclusive Your Lie in April tote bag as a prize. The 10 fastest players each day will win a free copy of Your Lie in April volume 1. Check here for more details on their panels and autograph sessions. Here’s what the scavenger hunt tote bag prize looks like + a mock-up of Viz’s booth design:

kodansha 1kodansha 2

Yen Press (booth #3315) will be selling their books at their booth along with having some booth events! They’ll have¬†have stand-ups of some of the¬†Yen Press
characters to take pictures with and several freebies like buttons, posters, masks, tattoos and bookmarks. There will be a Fruits Basket giveaway when you take a picture with their stand-ups and post it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Gumi‘s booth (booth #4814) will focus on the Phantom of the Kill mobage. Attendees¬†will be able to play the game on three booth counters with four devices each. People who go¬†to the booth will receive special Phantom of the Kill goods. They’ll have more events going on throughout the weekend; click here for more info on those. Here’s what the freebies at their booth will look like:


Bushiroad‘s (booth #2601) back at Anime Expo this year, and they have a whole bunch of fun activities planned for attendees! They’ll have¬†workshops and events in their¬†booth, and people¬†may receive Bushiroad freebies afterwards. Additionally, they’ll have exclusive pre-sales and a¬†Love Live! School idol festival¬†high-score challenge, where participants may get special gifts upon completion of each game. For more details of all of Bushiroad’s events, click here. Here’s what their freebies will look like:

bushi 1bushi 2

Anime Jungle¬†(booth #2617) will be the place to visit for a few reasons: it’s one of the locations to get the Zero Escape Escape Puzzle Hunt game kit, and to get an autograph ticket for Tetsuya Kakihara’s autograph session by purchasing any Kakihara goods. They’ll have a limited amount of tickets available, so make sure to go¬†early to get yours! More details can be found here.

As always, the Anime Expo Grub Lot will be happening again this year, with lots of new food trucks along with returning ones. Make sure to check them out whenever the hunger strikes!

The popular Okamoto Kitchen food truck will be around the convention center this year! To celebrate their¬†1 year anniversary, they’re¬†giving away sticker sheets with a purchase of a 3-Hit Combo during Anime Expo. I’ve nothing but praise for this food truck, so don’t miss out! Here’s what the sticker sheets will look like:


After praying to the convention gods, Anime Expo finally decided to go back to using Guidebook mobile app. It’s really useful for keeping track of what’s going on at the event, and it automatically updates whenever there’s been a change in the schedule. You can access the Guidebook for this year’s Anime Expo here. If, by any chance, you prefer using schedule on Anime Expo’s website, you can access that here. Remember that last-minute changes may happen, so you want to be prepared for when it does.

Keep handy the maps to both the Exhibit Hall and the Artist Alley (Kentia Hall). There’s a lot to see and do, so getting lost won’t be fun.

That about does it for this very huge AX exclusives & info guide! I’ll keep adding more info in as it gets announced on social media. See anything you’re going to get at this year’s convention? I already have a shopping list ready!¬†ūüėĄūüíł

Hope you all have fun at this year’s Anime Expo! See ya there!¬†‚ú®

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