Purrfectly Ever After Demo Overview

Hello, my dear readers! Today we’ll be taking a look at Weeev‘s Purrfectly Ever After. 🐾 I had the pleasure of playing the Purrfectly Ever After demo; I’m really digging it so far! It gives a bit of a feel of what kind of heroine Pastel is and her determination to help those in need.

The story takes place in a retro-futuristic world. Pastel, our food-loving cat heroine, along with her fellow animal friends, are willing to do ANYTHING for food, which mainly includes stealing. Being the fearless gang leader, Pastel and her group have disturbed the lives of people in the city to the point that the authorities have decided to take action against them. One day, Pastel’s best friend is taken hostage in hopes of luring her out. Because she will do anything to protect her gang, she takes the bait and goes to rescue him, meeting a few good souls who saved her from trouble along the way. However, after the rescue mission, she came to the realization that it was her own selfishness of stealing food that brought harm upon her friends.

To protect them, she disbanded the group and decided to try her best to earn food in an honest way. What could be the best way to do this? She desperately wished to become human, to which an unseemly Fairy Godfather suddenly appeared to answer, but only on one condition: to never steal again. Immediately agreeing without a second thought, she is turned human. Now that Pastel was a human, all she needed to do is find her bearings in this brave new world. And who better to help her than those who saved her when she was still a cat?


And so begins our journey into the Purrfectly Ever After demo!

screenshot0001As of this demo release, the Settings menu didn’t include the option for the display to be in windowed mode, which was a bummer. And while the Special menu was visible, since this is just a demo, you can’t access it just yet. However, that didn’t detract of what the demo had to offer.


screenshot0002The demo starts with an appreciative Pastel wanting to find her savior, Sirius. He saved her from certain doom that she was sure she wouldn’t survive. She wants to thank him personally, and wishes to know what sort of person he truly is before she can ask him for his help again.


Pastel is quickly able to trace Sirius’ scent to find her savior! After marveling at him, he is quickly shown into an elderly couple’s house for what seems to be an emergency. Pastel has lost her chance to talk to him! What is she to do now?


Since this might be the game’s prologue, the choices you pick here don’t seem to matter, since it’ll lead to the same outcome: spying on Sirius to see why he went into the house in a hurry.


Inside the house is a bedridden, pale-looking elderly  man having coughing fits on and off. Sirius shows his stern side by scolding the woman by asking her why she hadn’t brought him to the hospital yet. It appears this man has been like this for quite awhile, but the woman hadn’t taken much action yet even when Sirius had told her to do so various times. Why is that?


The woman begged Sirius to hear her out before he walked out, and he complied. She apparently tried to take her husband to the hospital many times, but he refused each and every time because of money troubles. He refuses to leave her in debt if he were to pass away, so he keeps trying to prevent her from bringing him in to have costly procedures done to aid him. The woman’s words tugged at Patel’s heartstrings; it reminded her how she’d do anything for the members of her now ex-gang.


screenshot0026Being put in a difficult situation, Sirius swiftly departs to get some medicine to help the man. Pastel is overjoyed that he chose to help them, since she has a strong sense of justice. But now she has to chase him down again! 🙀 A kitty’s work is never done!


Pastel couldn’t possibly catch up to a cab in her new human form, so she quickly lost sight of Sirius. Fortunately for her, she bumped into her Siberian Husky friend, Bucky! With his help, they were able to track down where Sirius went to…which was an unimpressive, cheap-looking shop. While Sirius wasn’t there any longer, they were lucky enough that he left the door open.


Pastel and Bucky discover that Sirius isn’t doing too well off with how his clinic looks and what kind of food choices his mini-fridge offers. The clinic is also pretty messy, which is chipping away at her perfect impression of Sirius. While Pastel and Bucky talk about her sudden transformation…


We’ve been caught! 🚓

Oops, Sirius is back, and they didn’t even get to hide! What will happen to Pastel and Bucky? She certainly has her chance to thank her savior now, but he now sees her as a thief! How will she turn this situation to her favor? Find out by playing the Purrfectly Ever After demo, which will be available soon on Steam!

Author: Elly

Hello, I'm Elly! I really love and enjoy figure collecting, anime, manga and videogames! I write about my love for my hobbies. Thanks for visiting!

8 thoughts on “Purrfectly Ever After Demo Overview”

    1. I’ve been keeping an eye on it ever since the Kickstarter campaign launched. The game is coming along quite nicely! I’m looking forward to the full version. :3

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    1. Ahh, thank you for taking the time to read and comment! 💖 I really liked playing through the demo and seeing how Pastel interacted with the other characters. I’m curious and excited to play more of it, so I’m looking forward to the full release of the game! 🙂 Keep up the excellent work!


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