Witch boy Magical piece Kickstarter Page Is Now Open!

Back in the end of July, Sekai Project announced a slew of games to be localized. Among those was the Kickstarter announcement of Rosemary House’s Witch boy Magical piece game! After having previously talked about the announcement and the main characters that appear in the game…the awaited time is now here: the Witch boy Magical piece Kickstarter page is now LIVE!

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What’s in the Box? Game Goods Extravaganza!

Hello, fellow collectors! On this second installment of “What’s in the Box?”, we take a look at gaming goods that I recently received in the mail. This time, we have a box from Idea Factory International, a box from Nippon Ichi Software America, and some surprise goods that we were gifted.

What’s in those boxes?!

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Meet the Witch boy Magical piece Main Cast!

Earlier on, Sekai Project announced at their Otakon panel that they’re aiming to localize the unique Witch boy Magical piece game for the PC! The game details an alien invasion by the mysterious Creatures, and how the main cast banded together in an attempt to defeat them. These Creatures couldn’t be harmed by conventional methods, such as firearms or any physical attacks, so a private military company has conducted research to successfully reverse-engineer a power from the alien world to have a chance to fight back against the Creatures. This power is wielded by the men of the Magical Pieces squad, turning them into Witches…which changes their physical bodies from male to female! While their hearts remain the same, they get to form a more intimate relationship with each other, which prompts them to go on an exploration of their own gender identity, asking themselves: “If I had been born a girl, could I have become his girlfriend?” or “Which side of me did he fall in love with, my female self or my male self?” As they face their enemy, and themselves, how will the come to see the future?

Let’s meet the main cast of the game!

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