Witch boy Magical piece Kickstarter Page Is Now Open!

Back in the end of July, Sekai Project announced a slew of games to be localized. Among those was the Kickstarter announcement of Rosemary House’s Witch boy Magical piece game! After having previously talked about the announcement and the main characters that appear in the game…the awaited time is now here: the Witch boy Magical piece Kickstarter page is now LIVE!

Shown as a game for both ladies and gentlemen, one of the most pivotal part of the game is the transformation segment. As the characters slip into their cute Witch dresses (done in an instant with their male bodies intact!), they gain the abilities and powers to harm the Creatures that are plaguing the Earth. Some items and accessories can only be used by select characters, some which are only obtainable after clearing certain scenarios. There are plenty of cute items to accessorize the characters with, so you can create the ultimate and loveliest Witch! Even though the transformations changes their bodies from male to female, that never happens to their hearts, and so questions and feelings arise that will make the characters undergo an exploration of their own gender identity as they ask themselves questions like “Which side did he fall in love with: my female self or male self? If I’d been born a girl, would I become his girlfriend?”

I think Shiharu would be the most fun to dress up!

With those thoughts and feelings in mind, another important mechanic of the game, Connection, comes into play. Since only magical power is able to be used against the Creatures, the Battery system is employed to help the characters raise their magical power. What needs to be achieved is the Synergy Effect resulting from two characters forming a Battery with one another and fighting together. The closer the pair becomes, the stronger their magical power will be. And of course, a more distant relationship between the two will drastically reduce their power, which may put their lives in danger. Which character will you team up with?


The Kickstarter’s goal is to reach the $57,000 USD funding to provide for the most complete release available of the game for people to play. There are plenty of rewards to claim, like t-shirts, tote bags, and cute little mugs! Please help us make this project a reality in order to bring out even more enjoyable games for you all to play. There might even be the possibility of more BL or otome games, so please support the project to get the most variety of games to try out!

Once again, Sekai Project’s Witch boy Magical piece Kickstarter page can be found here. We hope you’ll help us make this release a reality!

Until next time, happy gaming!

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