Thank You, Patrons!

As I work on expanding the range of topics that I want to cover on this very blog, I was suggested the idea of starting up a Patreon to fund my efforts. And so I sheepishly launched the page expecting nothing, and was surprised with love and support. For that, I’m forever thankful to you, my lovely and darling Patrons! I hope you enjoy the sweet content I’ve got in store or you as I work to evolve Figuratively Speaking to be the very best it can be. 🥰💖

Jack Simmons

Boneless Homeboy

Jojo Nguyen

Annie Me

That’s right, you legends get the timeless dancing letters gifs. Because you’re that awesome. Thanks again for your love and support!

If you want to support my works and the expansion of topics within fandom, mental health and even my budding love of stationery, join up in my Patreon and check out what I’ve got in the works for your reading pleasure!

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