Cynthia Nendoroid Now on US Pokemon Center Webshop!

Quite awhile ago, back in February, the Cynthia Nendoroid was announced to be released as an exclusive to Pokemon Center shops in Japan and then on Several other independent shops like the Sunyshore Pokemart were able to secure some units for sale, making the Nendoroid slightly easier to obtain…but, the units up for sale online were not many. And so, a lot of fans were left without a chance to get the elusive Cynthia Nendoroid.

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Amnesia: Memories Shin Route Sneak Peek!

This Tuesday, August 25th, Idea Factory International’s Amnesia: Memories will be kicking off the latest wave of officially translated otome games that we’re able to play in English, and a lot of fans are excited! And they’re excited for good reason, since Amnesia is a game that features a colorful cast that is quite…unforgettable. 😉 When I first heard anything about the game, the first character I was immediately drawn to is Shin. This sneak peek will focus on the beginning of his route, the Heart World. Let’s take a look at what kind of person Shin is, and what challenges the heroine has to overcome.

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Meet the Amnesia: Memories Bachelors!

With the release of Idea Factory International’s Amnesia: Memories coming up in August 25th, otome game fans are excited to finally get an official release of the game to play, enjoy and support. Which guy will you be pursuing? Here’s a quick look of the cast that you’re able to interact with! Continue reading “Meet the Amnesia: Memories Bachelors!”