Cynthia Nendoroid Announced!

So if you were lucky enough to get the elusive Pokemon Trainer Red nendoroid, here’s a piece of news that’ll get you going! The official Japanese Pokemon site announced today that there will be a Cynthia nendoroid! It’ll come bundled with a Garchomp, of course!

Cynthia Nendoroid

Garchomp and the Pokemon Center stores in Japan will start to take orders from 3/7 to 4/15. The nendoroid will be released this summer on 7/25. The exclusivity may make you cringe and cry, but Sunyshore has the nendoroid up for order! But you better act quick, since there are only 200 spots open. Will you be picking up cute champion Cynthia and her Garchomp this summer?

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