Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Felyne Pins Series 1

Hello, fellow collectors! Today we’ll be looking at the adorable Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Felyne Pins Series 1 from the US Capcom online store.

MH4U Felyne Pins Series I

These pins seem to be US-exclusive; you cannot find these on the Japanese Capcom online store. The only items that come pretty close are these Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate straps, which have some designs not included in the series 1 pin sets. The other designs will most likely be used for series 2 pin sets. If you pre-ordered Monster Hunter through Gamestop or Amazon and got the Collector’s Edition of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, you got two pins to start off the series in the collection. There is no other way to get these, so unless you see them somewhere on eBay, you cannot get these!

Exclusive Felyne Pins
The Gamestop/Amazon-exclusive and MH4U-exclusive Felyne pins

On the back of the packaging of the pins is where people found out about the existence of the other pins through Capcom’s online store. Let’s take a closer look at these pins!


The pins you get through the store are the Lagiacrus & Teostra Armor set, the Tetsucabra & Kirin Armor set, the Najarala & Zamtrios Armor set, and the Brachydios Armor & Yian Kut-Ku Armor set (not pictured due to being on their way to us). They’re die-cut pewter pins, so they’re pretty high-quality pins that have a nice weight to them when you pick them up and touch them.

pin back
# on the back of the pins

On the back of the pins, you’ll see that these pins have are numbered out of a set of 10, encouraging fans to collect the whole series 1 set. Here’s the numbering of each pin:

  • Brachydios Armor – #1
  • Yian Kut-Ku Armor – #2
  • Tetsucabra Armor – #3
  • Kirin Armor – #4
  • Gamestop/Amazon exclusive pin – #5
  • Najarala Armor – #6
  • Zamtrios Armor – #7
  • Lagiacrus Armor – #8
  • Teostra Armor- #9
  • MH4U Collector’s Edition-exclusive pin – #10
Felyne rubber backing
Felyne silhouette backing

What I found pretty darn cute is the rubber pin back; it’s shaped like a little Felyne head! It just makes the set as whole really nice to have when there’s that much attention to detail.

Pins ready to be shown off!
Pins ready to be shown off!

These pins are very colorful, and it’ll catch the attention of people if you put them on bags or lanyards. It’s perfect when they’re on the MH4U lanyard that came with the collector’s edition of the game!

Set 1If you’re a big Monster Hunter fan, you owe it to yourself to nab all of these pins! They’re incredibly adorable, and they’re really high-quality pins that’ll bring out that Monster Hunter style to whatever you pin it on. The pins tend to go out of stock, but Capcom keeps restocking them, so keep checking back every so often to nab them all! You can find the pins and other Monster Hunter merchandize in the Monster Hunter section of the Capcom online store.

Happy hunting!

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