Sekai Project To Localize Witch Boy Magical Piece Via Kickstarter

2015 has been a really strong year for otome games being localized and released, which has pleased many fans as well as gaining the interest of many new players. It’s only natural that the BL (Boy’s Love) genre be next, right? Sekai Project is aiming to localize Witch boy Magical piece, but they need our help to make that a reality! Witch boy Magical piece is made by Rosemary House, and it’s originally a mobile game that’s still being updated regularly. Through the Kickstarter campaign, the game will be ported to be playable on PC instead, so more people have a chance to play it. Since the BL genre is showing to have more of an audience, having more localized BL games to choose from is definitely appealing. Witch boy Magical piece is a pretty unique game that many will enjoy, so let’s take a closer look at the premise for the game.

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Gift, Their Comiket 88 Exclusives And More!

Gift is no stranger to having exclusives, whether it’s on their webshop or in several events in Japan. This time, they’ll have a booth at Comiket 88, and they’ll have plenty of goodies for attendees to purchase. I’m going to be focusing on the cute plushies that they’ll have at the event. Let’s see what cute plushies they’ll have for us!

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Anime Expo 2015 Day 3 – Day 4 Convention Report!

Welcome to the second part of my Anime Expo 2015 convention report! Last time there was plenty of talk of the Exhibit Hall, autographs and the Momoiro Clover Z concert with plenty of pictures. Let’s see what else Anime Expo had to offer! (Warning: this blog post is picture-heavy!)
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Anime Expo 2015 Day 0 – Day 2 Convention Report!

Anime Expo 2015 started as quickly as it ended…Did any of you have fun? Because I sure did! This year, Anime Expo had tons of events and guests lined up, so my days there were really busy with very little rest. But I managed to get most of everything I wanted done, so it was a massive success! This entry will focus on what we did from day 0 to day 2, complete with lots of pictures! Let’s take a close look at what adventures we had at Anime Expo.
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The Sunshine Award Nomination!

Many thanks to Travelling In My Bookcase for getting me nominated for the Sunshine Award! Apparently the Sunshine Award is “an award given to bloggers who are positive and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.” Wow, it’s an honor to receive such praise! I’ve really enjoyed writing about figures and goods, along with anime and manga, and visual novels, so if readers enjoy reading it as well, then I’m incredibly pleased! Many thanks for reading, and please look forward to future posts.

Now onto the rules and the questions that the lovely Travelling In My Bookcase gave me to answer!
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