Anime Expo 2019 & Their Exclusives!

It’s getting to be that time, y’all… That time where you get together with your pals to watch fireworks take over the sky in celebration of the biggest event of the summer. That’s right… ✨ANIME EXPO✨! July 4th is quickly approaching, and so is the biggest anime convention in the US! And as the biggest convention, not only will it hold world premieres and exclusive events, but there are those sweet, sweet convention exclusive items you can ONLY buy at Anime Expo.


But what kind of exclusives will we see there? And which booths will you be able to buy them from? Worry not, dear readers; this is your handy dandy guide to Anime Expo exclusives along with other essential info for attendees. I’ve done these guides for 2015, 2016, 2017, and now I’m back for 2019! Let’s see what goodies we can expect for this year’s Anime Expo!


NOTE: Keep in mind that at this time many companies exhibiting at Anime Expo have yet to reveal their sales menu, so this post will be updated many times as more info gets revealed. Some of the info appear as close to the event as possible, so keep checking back for the latest news!

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Let’s Talk: Cybird Anime Expo 2017 Interview

Greetings, my dear readers! 💖 First, I’d like to thank you all once again for your support as I’m getting past a rough time in my life. From all the messages, to items purchased from my sales, I appreciate you all so much! 🙏

As promised, here’s one of the two interviews that I had at Anime Expo, the first one being with the lovely folks at Cybird. I had the pleasure of talking to Yasmin and Hiroto, and it was such a fun conversation about how otome games have grown in popularity in the West! I won’t keep you waiting; here’s the interview! Enjoy~

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Anime Expo 2015 Day 3 – Day 4 Convention Report!

Welcome to the second part of my Anime Expo 2015 convention report! Last time there was plenty of talk of the Exhibit Hall, autographs and the Momoiro Clover Z concert with plenty of pictures. Let’s see what else Anime Expo had to offer! (Warning: this blog post is picture-heavy!)
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Anime Expo 2015 Day 0 – Day 2 Convention Report!

Anime Expo 2015 started as quickly as it ended…Did any of you have fun? Because I sure did! This year, Anime Expo had tons of events and guests lined up, so my days there were really busy with very little rest. But I managed to get most of everything I wanted done, so it was a massive success! This entry will focus on what we did from day 0 to day 2, complete with lots of pictures! Let’s take a close look at what adventures we had at Anime Expo.
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Anime Expo 2015 and Their Exclusives!

It’s time to get excited: Anime Expo is upon us! Anime Expo tends to have several exclusive items that people can buy from certain booths in the convention’s dealer’s room, along with having exclusive events that people can attend. To have easier access to that information along with other essential information, I’ve put together a guide for anyone who’s going to Anime Expo this year to have handy!

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