Anime Expo 2017 and Their Exclusives!

Come one, come all! It’s that grand time of the year that many have been waiting for… Anime Expo time!!! 🎉  We all know that Anime Expo is famous for having world premieres, unforgettable concerts, but most of all… There’s all that sweet exclusive merchandise that you can ONLY get at the event! Just like the previous years, I’ve compiled a handy post of the announced exclusive merchandise along with other essential information for con-goers.

Let’s see what goodies await us for this year’s Anime Expo! ✨

Let’s get this show on the road by starting out with what Goodsmile Company (booth #1600) will have at their booth!


GSC-2As with every year, GSC’s booth will be filled with a bunch of items for attendees to buy! The most notable items for this year will be the two WonderFes items (Yuri Katsuki Nendoroid and Archer/Altria Pendragon Figma), along with the Trigger items like the
The Art of Trigger Animation Studio 9 <Space Patrol Luluco> book.

The one thing that people need to note is that purchasing items will work very differently from the past two years:

In order to reduce queue times at the event, purchases from the Good Smile Company booth will require a numbered ticket. These tickets will be distributed from the start of the event and only those with a ticket will be able to queue and purchase items. All items will also have limited stock.


Product Sales Days: 1st July 2017 – 4th July 2017


Ticket Distribution Time: 10:00AM ~ 2:00PM PST
*Tickets are limited in number. Should the tickets run out before 2PM the distribution time will end early.


Ticket Group Times:
Each ticket will have a specific group name and time printed on the ticket. Please arrive at our booth at the time listed on the ticket in order to queue and purchase items.


① 10:00AM~ (Group A) / ②11:00AM~ (Group B) / ③11:30AM~ (Group C) /④12:00PM~ (Group D) /⑤12:30PM~ (Group E) ⑥1:00PM~ (Group F) / ⑦1:30PM~ (Group G) / ⑧2:00PM~ (Group H) / ⑨ 2:30PM~ (Group I) / ⑩3:00PM~ (Group J) / ⑪3:30PM~ (Group K)


*All times are based on PST.
*Only one ticket will be provided per person. Only one of each of the exclusive products may be purchased per ticket.
*Those without a ticket will not be allowed to queue at the booth while exclusive items are still being sold.
*Lost tickets will not be reissued.
*Receiving a ticket does not guarantee that products will be available for purchase. There is a possibility your product may sell out before you arrive.
*Stock will not be allocated for each day. Any item that sells out will be sold out for the rest of the event.
*Purchases with a credit card may take time for the transaction to complete. Purchasing with cash is recommended for those who are in a hurry.
*Credit card purchases may be suspended due to poor internet connection.
*All sales are final. We do not accept refunds or returns.
*Please note that a minimum purchase of $20 is required for credit card payment.

I’m not looking forward to for the fight to get those tickets to then line up to buy an item… =3=; And as if this doesn’t sound convoluted enough as it is, they’re also placing a priority on people who have cash on hand rather than dealing with any debit or credit cards:

Personally, I don’t like to carry hundreds of dollars in my wallet, so this doesn’t sit well with me. Luckily, I only want a couple of items, but for those who have a hefty shopping list of GSC items, plan ahead!

While, sadly, Voltage won’t be back this year, Cybird Ikémen Series (booth #1606) will be having a huge booth filled with activities to do, freebies to get and goods to buy!














ikemen-18They’ve been showing off previews and samples of their items on their Twitter since May, so they’re going all out! I’m looking forward to visiting their booth! 💖

Want more otome stuff? No worries, the Shall We Date? (booth #1400) folks have you covered! They’ll have activities for attendees to do to get sweet freebies and some limited items for sale:


Popularity Poll to be held at AX!

I’m certainly happy that there’s so much otome love this year! One can only hope that this is just the beginning of even more otome stuff to come in the future. ✨

Idea Factory International (booth #4401) is back at it again this year! They’ve brought some nifty merch and even guests this time around! Here’s what they’ll be up to this year:










Don’t fret if you’re worried that you’re not seeing any otome or Hakuoki stuff for sale. Some of the items offered at the Hakuoki Festival & Cafe will be available there:

The Rilakkuma booth (booth #3911) is back this year with everyone’s favorite cute lazy bear! 🐻 There’s not much of a menu from them that’s been revealed, but they did tease some items and a scavenger hunt that will be available at their booth:




Aniplex USA (booth #2000) has HUGE PLANS in store for attendees this year! With lots of premieres and events, and not to mention, their items for sale, you won’t want to miss anything they have to offer! Here are all the details:




Watercolor texture background

autograph session




Spring 005




They’ll also have very special visitors at their booth on July 1st only:

Kotobukiya (booth #4200) is back this year, and along with their merchandise booth, they’ll be giving away adorable Fullmetal Alchemist freebies and they’ll be holding a nifty model kit workshop!



But the most interesting set of items they’ll have will be very limited in number! If you’re a Yuri!!! On ICE, you’ll be VERY interested in these:


Atlus (booth #3906) makes their comeback this year with an ACTUAL merchandise booth rather than the…interesting display they had last year. 😂 Not only will they have a panel featuring the Persona 5 English voice actors, but they’ll have a booth filled with amazing goods and they’ll even have a special food truck collaboration with Okamoto Kitchen! Here’s what they’re gonna be up to:


If you attend Atlus’ panel, you will receive this Persona 5 sticker sheet while supplies last!


Manga Gamer (booth #2423 / 2522 / 2523) is back with a bunch of merchandise for fans to buy! Between the Fata Morgana goods or the Ozmafia goods, there’s plenty to choose from! Not to mention that they’ll have some No, Thank You!!! goods if you missed out last year. Here’s their sales menu:













Sekai Project (booth #4515) will be having an ALICE IN DISSONANCE theme this year, where they will have a whole bunch of exclusive merchandise from the fault series. More info can be found by clicking here. Here’s their sales menu:


Crunchyroll (booth #2300) makes their return with a BANG! They’ll have their merchandise booth, new bags, events and they are bringing over some AMAZING guests (Kubo AND Yamamoto? OHMYGOD!!! 😱 )! You can find more details about their panels and autograph sessions by clicking here.







galaxxxy (booth #4332) will be having their own booth this year with their very colorful fashion for sale! Along with that, they’ll also have a fashion show and a party to celebrate their 10th anniversary! And if you missed their AX collaboration cap from last year, that’s back in the official AX merch shop.


Want more fashion? Listen Flavor will hook you up with some bold styles! They’ll have plenty of clothing for sale, but the most notable one is the Danganronpa collaboration line. Swing by the booth early to get the best selection!




GungHo Online Entertainment America (booth #3900) returns to Anime Expo this year with an awesome Puzzle & Dragons event you won’t want to miss! For attendees, they’ll have their famous  5-minute fixed-team Puzzle Challenge. Compete on leader boards to showcase your skill! Staying on the leader boards at the end of day will allow you to enter in their grand Puzzle & Dragons tournament, held an hour before the show floor closes each day, which will nab you some awesome prizes! As an added bonus, they’ll FINALLY be selling something: a Puzzle & Dragons shirt!

For those of you who won’t be in attendance, they’ll have an in-game event for you to mess around with along with an Anime Expo Godfest! It’s the best time to get Evo Materials and summon special cards! Find out more details:


Much like last year, Daisuki (booth #2600) has a similar setup for this year’s Anime Expo! They’ll be having lots of albums and goods for sale feature your favorite artists, not to mention a selection of special Anisong World Matsuri goods for you to wear at this year’s concerts! Here’s their sales menu:




Heads up, Aquors fans! If you’re going to today’s Kawaii Live show, you might want to get in on this special penlight deal from PVP Filmworks! They have a very special limited edition penlight created to welcome Aqours to Los Angeles and the Anisong World Matsuri Kawaii Live! This penlight features the colors of each of the 9 members of Aqours and will be sold online before the event and must be picked up at the Microsoft Theater on June 30th. Reserve yours today and cheer for Aqours live in concert! Click here for more details!


Frontwing returns to Anime Expo, and this time, they’ll be with the J-LIST crew over at booth #1211! They’ll have having some exclusive merchandise, panels and a cool raffle going on! Check out what they’ll be up to:



Tokyo Otaku Mode (booth #4911) will be passing out free snacks (who can say “no” to free food?!) along with selling some nifty stuff! They’ll have some products for display like the beautiful Holo Wedding Dress ver. figure, which you can place an order for! Along with that, they’ll be running a raffle for TOM Premium Members. More details about their AX can be found here.





Degica (booth #4130) will be around again this year, but not much has been said about their Anime Expo plans. You can go by their booth to try out demos for Senko no Ronde 2, OneShot, Symphonic Rain, Castle of Shikigami, and many more! Also, they’ll have a pretty cool DARIUSBURST Chronicle Saviours T-shirt!


FAKKU (booth #1411) is back, and lewder than ever! They’ll have their usual walk-in booth with a whole bunch of goodies! They’ll be debuting the MEME50 Box, an exclusive set of MEME50 doujins that includes a brand-new comic never released in Japan! They’ll also have a ton of new apparel, and will be debuting brand new collaborations. If you want the full set of details, click here (NOT WORKSAFE!!!).

Bookwalker Global (booth #206) will be having activities to get special gifts! If you have a Bookwalker account, you can stop by their booth for a free $10 gift card. If you use the gift card at their booth, you’ll be able to win a prize! There will a stamp rally where fans can collect stamps to get a collectible gift featuring Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?, Welcome to the Ballroom, and more! To participate, head over to Seven Seas Entertainment, Kodansha Comics, or BookWalker’s booth in the exhibit hall to pick up a stamp rally card. More details can be found here.


Sentai Filmworks (booth #3000) is back, and they’ll be debuting some new merchandise at Anime Expo! They’ll have an adorable Tippy plush, an Anonymous Noise t-shirt, a poster pack for the Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? series and a gorgeous No Game, No Life Zero poster! You’ll get freebies if you spend over $50, so it’s the best time to stock up on some Sentai titles! If you want to see what panels and events they’ll be holding, click here.


Aksys Games (booth #3011) will be running another set of tournaments this year for both BlazBlue CF and Guilty Gear REV2! It’s free to enter both tournaments, but the prizes are yet to be decided. More details and times of the tourneys can be found here!

Because last year’s puzzle hunt was a huge success, Real Escape Game is holding more events this year! They’ll be holding a couple of puzzle hunts: the Dragon Ball Super Puzzle Hunt and Trials of Bahamut.

In the Dragon Ball Super Puzzle Hunt, players will explore Anime Expo 2017 in order to solve puzzles in a story-based scavenger hunt. There is no time limit and you can start, stop, and resume the game any time during the Exhibit Hall’s open hours of Anime Expo. Check out more details here!

The Trials of Bahamut is a fully hosted, story-based escape event designed for puzzle fans and fans of FINAL FANTASY. There will be multiple teams in the event space all participating at the same time, and each team will have their own table to work at when not exploring. Read more about this puzzle hunt here!

Pony Canyon (booth #800) will be around again with their impressive booth setup with exclusive merch, panels and events! If you want to keep updated with all details of what they’ll be up to, click here. Here’s the list of the items they’ll have at their booth:


Funimation (booth #1800) has a ton of events, panels, parties, freebies and screenings this year! Along with that, they’ll be running…a food truck?! The Attack on Titan-themed Food Truck will be running from 10 am to 8 pm every day during Anime Expo! Funimation is partnering with Mad Dumplings, a food truck that has been taking the SoCal streets with a delicious, creative spin on dumplings, and offering an Attack on Titan branded menu! Funimation is giving away a limited number of vouchers for the food truck at 10 am at the Funimation booth each day. They’ll have a HUGE amount of stuff going, so click here to find out all the juicy details!








Viz (booth #2206) is promising a lot of exciting panels, exclusive freebies and things to buy, amazing guests, announcements, and even other surprises rolling out at the show they can’t talk about just yet. Keep track of their events and autograph schedules by clicking here. Here’s their sales menu:


Kodansha and Vertical (booth #211 / 1006) are booth buddies! They’re sharing a booth this year and they have more exclusives, freebies, announcements, and stuff going on than they ever have! They have several exclusive goods along with plenty of manga for pre-sale! Click here to see more details of their events. Here’s some of the goodies they’ll have for sale:

Lab Zero Games (booth #4311) will be making an appearance at Anime Expo this year, and there’s plenty to do at their booth, including playing Skullgirls with the game devs! Here’s more details of their plans:


Sanshee (booth #1315 / 1316 / 1317) will have a booth with a lot of fun goods to buy, but the most interesting item that will debut in this year’s Anime Expo is their fantastic Galaxy Itabag! If you want to display your love for your anime bae in style, stop by their booth to pick one up!


Bandai America (booth #3106) will have a couple of convention-exclusives that DragonBall fans might want to check out: the Ultimate Deco Super Saiyan Goku figure and the Ultra Deluxe Scouter! Make sure to pick those up with you have a mighty need for more DragonBall stuff in your life!



Speaking of DragonBall… If you want to have a chance of playing the upcoming Dragon Ball Fighter Z, now’s your chance to do so at the Bandai Namco (booth #2606) booth! I’m sure this booth will be packed with fans anticipating the game’s release, so set aside some time to experience the game!

Kadokawa (booth #1206) makes their Anime Expo debut this year! They’ll have convention-exclusive merch along with various events for fans! More details can be found here.

Lezhin Comics (booth #1630 / 1631) will also be making their Anime Expo debut with lots of goodies ready for attendees! They have exclusive merch, gift cards, autograph sessions and much more that they haven’t revealed in social media just yet. Find out what they’re up to by visiting their booth! And if you want to present your portfolio for a chance to have your comic published at Lezhin Comics, they’ll have sessions available.

Yen Press (booth #2323) will be around again this year with a bunch of manga for sale! They haven’t really revealed much on social media besides the free posters you’re able to get at their booth:




Daisuke Hirakawa fans, Anime Jungle (booth #2211) will be your stop to be able to get an autograph ticket for his session! They’ll have a limited number on those, so if you want your chance to get it, go to the Anime Jungle booth ASAP! More details can be found here.

The Anime Expo Grub Lot will be happening once again this year, with loads of amazing food trucks! It’s definitely worth checking out, since there are a variety of tasty cuisine of LA’s best food trucks!

Twitter user @Ivoryyice created this nifty map of the Artist Alley for you to easily find your way around and get your goods while supporting fellow fans!

Here’s something neat and helpful: Metro will be running free shuttles between Little Tokyo and LA Convention Center during Anime Expo weekend! So if there’s something more you wish to do outside of the convention center, now getting to where you want became more accessible! More info can be found here.


That’s it for now! I’m still updating this post as the day goes; there’s WAY MORE exclusives this time around, so the list is quite extensive. This should be finalized tonight in time for the start of the convention on Friday, so keep checking back, please!

See anything you’re going to get at this year’s convention? Make your shopping lists and spend responsibly!

Last, but not least, if you’ve enjoyed my work on the blog, please consider reading this and perhaps helping me out. I’ve been put in a particularly rough situation that I’m trying to get through. Any support, even if it’s just sharing, really helps me out. Thank you!

Hope you all have fun at this year’s Anime Expo! See ya there! ✨

EDIT – TONS more info added! Hope this is helpful!

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