Kashuu Kiyomitsu Gift Plush Review!

Hello, fellow collectors! I’m pretty excited due to receiving Gift’s Kashuu Kiyomitsu plush in the mail not too long ago…and it was worth the wait! The Kashuu Kiyomitsu plush debuted at the second wave of Gift’s Winter Campaign that took place in early January. The plush itself was released at the end of February. Here’s a closer look of the plush and its detailing! Continue reading “Kashuu Kiyomitsu Gift Plush Review!”

Gift’s Winter Campaign, Wave 2!

Come one, come all! It’s Gift’s first event of 2016, the 2nd wave of the Winter Campaign! This online event will open up on January 8th at 18:00 JST, and will run until January 18th at 13:00 JST. The event will be the debut of several new plushies along with a few returning items for sale.

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Pokémon Symphonic Evolutions & Pokémon Center Plushies Sighting!

Early last month on December 4th, the Dr. Phillips Center was taken through a journey to Victory Road. The Pokémon Symphonic Evolutions tour made a stop at downtown Orlando to bring orchestral arrangements of music that Pokémon fans all know and love! 🎶 We were fortunate enough to be able to go to the show and enjoy a night filled with familiar melodies played in a style that I never thought I would hear.

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Gift’s Special Lot Day & Nuigurumi Day Events!

Come one, come all! It’s that time again…time for another Gift event! And this time, there’s TWO instead of one! The first event on October 24th is the Special Lot Day, and the second event on October 25th is the Nuigurumi Day. Both events are going to be held over at Hulic Hall in Tokyo. One event is a lottery event to commemorate Nitro+CHiRAL’s 10th Anniversary with all sorts of goods to get. The other event is a plush event where new plushies are showcased and available for purchase. Here are more details on the items that will be offered at the events!

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Gift, Their Comiket 88 Exclusives And More!

Gift is no stranger to having exclusives, whether it’s on their webshop or in several events in Japan. This time, they’ll have a booth at Comiket 88, and they’ll have plenty of goodies for attendees to purchase. I’m going to be focusing on the cute plushies that they’ll have at the event. Let’s see what cute plushies they’ll have for us!

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What’s in the Box? Unboxing the Goods!

Hello, fellow collectors! I’ve just recently gotten a couple of packages in the mail, so I thought it’d be fun to do an unboxing post. One package came from Square-Enix and the other from AmiAmi.

Let’s see what’s in the boxes!
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Gift’s Early Summer Campaign to start soon!

Gift’s online shop’s sale event is about to begin real soon, so it’s time to prepare your wallets! A quick update though: Gift tweeted a few days ago that they have added a new plush to the list of items that are going to be on sale…the Mikazuki Munechika plush!

He's here, and he's ready to slay your wallets!
He’s here, and he’s ready to slay your wallets!

Yes, our dear jiji plush will be available for order as part of the Early Summer Campaign! I’m pretty psyched for this, as are many other fans, especially since it was unknown whether this plush was going to be an exclusive to some other event or released normally on shops like AmiAmi. It would be nice if they would release it normally, but knowing how Gift works, it would mostly likely be a webshop exclusive.

Let’s take a closer look at the plush!
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Gift’s Early Summer Campaign!

Gift tweeted early yesterday that they will be holding an online sale event called the Early Summer Campain. The event will be open online from May 15th to May 25th, where people will be able to purchase select exclusive goods from Gift. If you spend over 10,000 yen, shipping will be free, which is pretty nice. This event introduces some new items that haven’t been available before along with some re-releases, so if you’re a fan of Gift’s plushies, it’s worth it to order some of their webshop-exclusive plushies!

There are plenty of items to choose from, but these are the ones I think are worth noting!

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Nitro+CHiRAL Plush Series (#21): Noiz from DRAMAtical Murder!

Gift Presents: Noiz!
Gift Presents: Noiz!

Hello, fellow collectors! Yesterday, I got this adorable little gem of a plush in the mail! It’s the Gift Noiz plush, from DRAMAtical Murder, which is probably the most popular BL (Boy’s Love) game ever released. The game takes place in the fictional island of Midorijima, which is under financial hold by Toue Corporation. Toue Corporation has been turning the island to the seemingly luxurious invite-only resort called Platinum Jail, while the island’s original residents were left behind in the slums, where the young entertain themselves by joining gangs and playing the popular cyber game named Rhyme. DRAMAtical Murder gains its popularity from its unique characters and setting, not to mention the endings that players are able to attain. Anyway, without further ado, let’s talk about this cute Noiz plush!
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Unusual Poké Dolls Sighting!

Poké Dolls are an incredibly cute little plush toy line that were named after an in-game item. The Pokémon Company has released various of them in Japan, and they’ve been slowly making their way to the US via certain shops like the Nintendo World shop in New York. The best way to get a good number of them are online…or so I thought! On one of our late night trips to WalMart, we browsed the trading card section near the registers to find…Poké Dolls plushies?!
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