Kashuu Kiyomitsu Gift Plush Review!

Hello, fellow collectors! I’m pretty excited due to receiving Gift’s Kashuu Kiyomitsu plush in the mail not too long ago…and it was worth the wait! The Kashuu Kiyomitsu plush debuted at the second wave of Gift’s Winter Campaign that took place in early January. The plush itself was released at the end of February. Here’s a closer look of the plush and its detailing!

Right out of the bag, you can tell that Gift took care with making sure that the plush had Kashuu’s looks and charm. It’s pretty detailed for its size!


3 - cute face

Kashuu’s confident personality shines through with his charming face! The eyes are cleanly stitched, so it has this texture that’s nice to touch and look at. His face is neatly framed by his jet-black hair. Of course, Kashuu’s famous beauty mark has been included!


4 - earrings

Kashuu’s diamond-shaped earrings are depicted in a simplistic but effective way. And yes, a cutely-tied white bow decorates his hair, which hangs over his shoulder.


5 - collar detail

Despite Kashuu’s small plush size, the detail printed on his coat’s collar is impressive and well done. Gift actually printed the leaf pattern on the collar, and the fancy gold accents bring attention to his coat.


6 - scarf
All of the buttons!

Gift made sure to include Kashuu’s signature red scarf, of course! His blouse sports several printed button accents leading to the cute, small white belt with a gold buckle. His coat also features the golden-printed buttons.


7 - armguards

Kashuu’s armguards look adorable, since his arms are stubby in his plush form. Now, as with the Kashuu Nendoroid, fans might complain that his iconic red nail polish isn’t present…but with a medium like plushies, that sort of detail isn’t easy to do, given the kind of cutesy style he’s modeled in.


YES, the red and black diamond pattern is present underneath Kashuu’s coat!! 🎉 This is the one detail that wasn’t really shown in prototype pictures, so I was worried that it wouldn’t be in the final product. I’m overjoyed that the pattern indeed made it!


10 - boots
Booties! 👢

I can’t handle how Gift does footwear on their plushies; so simple, yet so cute! 💖 Depicted as these cute slip-on booties, I couldn’t help but feel like they could have perhaps included the heels on them. It couldn’t have been that much harder, and it would be a tad more faithful to the character illustration. However, the little slip-on booties are still cute, so it doesn’t detract from how cute the plush is overall.


Since Kashuu wears a long coat, when turned around, it looks rather simple. There’s not much going on his back besides the two darling little buttons holding up a little strap on the back of his waist. The buttons are really tiny, which makes them look simply adorable!

Overall, this plush is a MUST for Kashuu Kiyomitsu fans! Gift managed to catch his charming personality that fans have loved since they first saw him. The plush is not even listed on Gift’s online shop, so right now you can only try to acquire one through hunting in Yahoo JP Auction pages, or seeing if it’s in stock on Rakuten or Mandarake. Beware of eBay though, since several bootleg Gift plushies are being sold there. Remember that the Mikazuki Munechika plush was released at various times, so there’s a high chance that the Kashuu Kiyomitsu plush will be officially released again at a later date!

Speaking of Mikazuki…

13 - jiji

Let’s go ahead and take a good look at the highly-detailed Mikazuki Munechika Gift plush while we’re at it! This plush has SO MANY TASSELS! The blue, gold and red colors are attention-grabbing, which makes it a nice piece to look at.


14 - eyes
Crescent moon eyes~ 🌙

Due to having “crescent moon” in his name (Mikazuki ➭ 三日月 ➭ crescent moon), his design features several crescent moon motifs, which Gift has faithfully included on the plush design. The most notable design is the little crescent moons in his eyes; it really makes him stand out when compared with most Gift plushies!


Mikazuki’s head is adorned by a tasseled headband that wraps all the way across to the back of his head. The gold color really stands out with all the darker hues of blues!


16 - tassels
You’ve seen “Too Many Cooks,” but now here’s the hit new show “Too Many Tassels!” 😂

All the action is on the main body of the plush; look at all that detail! Gift did a splendid job of illustrating the metal plates that Mikazuki wears. Once again, you can see the crescent moon motif at the very center, along with being decorated with a whole lot of tassels and a few ribbons. I really appreciate that the red string tied around his waist features a very elaborate and stylish knot to mirror the one in the official illustration.


17 - hakama

While not being the most detailed piece of clothing, Mikazuki’s gray hakama boasts a small number of  printed gold diamond patterns. It’s a subtle detail, but it’s still noticeably nice.


His kimono sleeves are adorned by tassels, ribbons and his signature crescent moon symbol.


20 - back

As per Mikazuki’s intricate design, when turned around, he has a lot of neat details one can appreciate. The back of his sleeves feature that cool crescent moon design, and there are tassels EVERYWHERE!


22- back detail

The metal plate that Mikazuki wears is visible along with the fancily-tied knot using the vibrant red string. Also seen is his black obi tied with another set of red strings. All these colors just pop, which makes this plush pleasant to look at!

Just as the Kashuu Kiyomitsu plush, if you’re a big fan of Mikazuki Munechika, you owe it to yourself to hunt down one of these plushies. It’s amazing how Gift manages to capture a lot of the character designs to transition those elements into their adorable plush forms. I feel that with each release, they improve on those skills, which makes Gift plushies worth owning! Mikazuki is currently not available on Gift’s online shop, but because he’s been released a few times already (and he’s the poster boy for Touken Ranbu), chances are that he’ll be released again in their online shop soon. If you wish to have one right now, just like Kashuu, you can try to hunt him down on Yahoo JP Auction pages, Rakuten or Mandarake.


24 - baeblades

Which Touken Ranbu character would you like to see Gift make into a plush? I personally want Tsurumaru Kuninaga and Kogitsunemaru, since they’re my other personal favorites! 🙏

Until next time, happy collecting!

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