PASH! PLUS Now Available in English!

Probably one of the most unexpected bits of news is also one of the biggest. Hugely popular PASH! magazine is now available online in English as PASH! PLUS! 🎉 

PASH! is publication geared towards women that focuses on the latest scoops in the world of anime, filled with staff and voice actors/actresses interviews, articles on select shows, a variety of serialized manga and more. Each magazine comes with colorful posters, clear files, or other items packed in. It’s essentially one of THE magazines to get if you want to keep up with the popular ongoing and upcoming anime series primarily aimed at women.

The PASH! Twitter account has been tweeting about the opening of their online English magazine a few times, but it got noticed more on the 14th of this month:

It got enough attention for Crunchyroll to take notice and report on it:

Along with having their own Twitter account, they also have a Facebook page. I don’t know about you…but I’m really psyched about this! ✨ With anime and manga being the most accessible it’s ever been in the US, there’s now a bigger market for Japanese media, and some companies have taken notice. And that’s a wonderful thing, since Japanese media aimed at women is gaining more attention in the West as well! Here’s to hoping that more companies notice! 🙏

What I’m personally hoping for is that PASH! opens up a subscription service of their digital magazine that contains a bunch of subscriber-exclusive goodies. Depending on the goodies offered, I think it would have a good amount of support! However, it’s too soon to tell if they’re going to do anything more than just this English online page. With that being said, I feel it’s important to support this endeavor that PASH! has started, so we can perhaps have a chance to get even more cool stuff headed our way.

Until next time, see ya!

Author: Elly

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