What’s in the Box? Dance with Devils & Bravely Second: End Layer LE Sets Unboxing!

In the last few weeks, I got in a couple of packages containing 2 games that I’ve been ✨VERY✨ excited about and eagerly waiting for.

Dance with Devils and Bravely Second: End Layer! 😍

What a great week! 🎉 Let’s take a close look at these sets to see what goodies they contain.

1 - DwD LE Box
Dance with Devils! I like how Ritsuka is all “ok.jpg” while everyone touches her 😂

First up, we have Dance with Devils! Here’s a bit on the game’s premise: One day, Tachibana Ritsuka, a student attending Shikou Academy, gets attacked by a group of mysterious men. From that point onward, Ritsuka gets targeted as she is the last key to locating the “Forbidden Grimoire”. Getting allured and tempted by devils, her days change little by little. Who will you choose? Humans or devils? This is a project collaboration between Rejet, Elements Garden, and Avex. The project included an anime that aired on October 2015, which had the pursuable characters introduced.

I’m pretty sure most of you know that I’ve been excited about the Dance with Devils game ever since finishing watching the anime series. It’s the first time any company did an anime adaption FIRST and then released the game with a lot more content. I know that may be off-putting to some, since it does seem like most of the plot is revealed, but trust me, there’s waaayy more hidden beneath this game, so it’s definitely worth picking it up if you’re interested or if you enjoyed the anime adaptation.

The set I picked up was the AmiAmi-exclusive one: the Ami-hime pack. It’s the LE set with several goodies exclusive to AmiAmi, which I found to be the better exclusives out of the bunch. I did want to try and find those cute Animate-exclusive heart badges and that amazing Stellaworth-exclusive Haruka, Shiki and Loewen bromide at some point though.

This is my very first time getting a Rejet LE set, so I was curious to see how it differed from the Otomate LE sets. The box is sturdier than the Otomate LE boxes, which I really appreciate, since the Otomate LE boxes tend to be a tad more squishier. It also has a sheen look to it, which is nice.


2 - Game
The most important thing of the set: the game! Ritsuka looks so confused here, lol


Along with the game is the Secret Report booklet, which is a booklet with character concept art and character profiles. I really dig how it’s made to look like an actual notebook!



The postcard set included in the LE is very lovely! It features the CGs of Ritsuka and her suitors dancing in the school festival scene. The backing of the postcards have the spacing to actually use them…but who would do that, really?! They’re too nice to use!


There were 2 drama CDs in this set: the one that came with the LE set and the early pre-order bonus one. The CD in the LE set is titled “大乱闘!?一夜限りの温泉旅行!” (“Free-for-All!? One night trip to a hot spring!”) and the pre-order bonus one is titled “ようこそアクマの執事喫茶へ” (“Welcome to the devil butler cafe”).


9 - Ami-hime Pack
The Ami-hime pack!

As I said previously, I went with ordering the game on AmiAmi because of their exclusives. (Because best guy Shiki is featured, of course!) I was kinda surprised there was something like this for this game; they should do Ami-hime packs for more otome game titles!


Included in the Ami-hime pack is a booklet that has newly-written short stories on each of the guys.


13 - Can Badges
Also included are the exclusive Shiki and Rem can badges 💖


14 - Clear File
Finally, here’s the exclusive clear file featuring Shiki and Rem…wearing unbuttoned shirts… 💦💦


15 - DwD set
Pretty good set for a promising game! ✨

If you’re interested in buying this game without much hassle, AmiAmi still has the LE set with the Ami-hime pack bonuses available. It’s worth the purchase if you want something extra with the LE set, especially if you’re a Shiki or Rem fan!


16 - Bravely Second LE
Bravely Second: End Layer! Such a pretty box! 😍

Secondly, we have Bravely Second: End Layer, which is a game I’ve been eagerly waiting for! It feels like it took too long to get news on whether it would make it over here or not, and news of the LE set came much later. The wait…is finally over! 🎉

Bravely Second: End Layer is the sequel of Bravely Default; it takes place 2 years after the events of the first game. I feel that playing Bravely Default is a must, since it’s a game worth experiencing, so I won’t be divulging much on the second game. Here’s a little bit about Bravely Default: the world of Luxendarc is being kept in balance through the power of the 4 elemental crystals protected by the Crystal Orthodoxy, an influential religious group. The vestal of the wind crystal,  Agnès Oblige, must now begin a journey to awaken the other crystals, which have been consumed and tainted with darkness. Finding herself with reliable teammates like Tiz Arrior, the sole survivor of Norende, amnesiac Ringabel, and Eternian renegade Edea Lee,  Agnès sets out to awaken the crystals and to find who is behind this set of world-threatening events.

Now that you know a bit more about it…go play Bravely Default, then play Bravely Second: End Layer! Bravely Default is a bit hard to find in stores, so your best bet is to buy it through the Nintendo eShop.

With that being said…on to taking a look at this lovely LE set for Bravely Second: End Layer!


The box is way bigger than I expected! Just look at how much bigger it is than Bravely Default’s LE box! There is a reason for the big size…more on that later. The box is monochromatic all around, minus the game’s emblem and the detail on the outline of our 4 heroes on the back of the box, which have a holographic foil over them. It’s a lovely touch, since when you shine some light on it, it’s reflected back in a variety of colors.


The game and OST mini-album are presented in this nice tray rather than shoved into a cardboard piece, like most LE sets. The tray features some fancy detailing impressed on it that fills in the empty space around the game and OST.


28 - Bravely Second Game
The most important item: the game!


The OST Mini-album features 10 tracks from the game. It’s a bummer we didn’t get more tracks, but if you’re itching for the entire OST of the game, Square-Enix’s webshop is taking pre-orders for both the standard and limited edition of the OST.


The reason why the box is as big as it is…is because it also contains the fully translated complete art book of the game! Not just a small sample art book…but the whole thing!



The book is filled with lots of amazing art and concept details of the game. This book alone makes the LE set worth getting because it’s the only way of getting the translated art book unless Square-Enix decides to sell it in their webshop.


33 - Bravely Second LE Set

Square-Enix is getting better at making LE sets for their games, and this set definitely shows that progress! That fully translated art book is an amazing LE-exclusive item! If you’re interested in getting into the series, try and hunt this set down if you can! It was available online at Gamestop, but it recently became unavailable.

Until next time, happy gaming!



35 - Edea & Ringabel Plushies
Ringabel’s a lucky guy!

Did I mention how much I love Bravely Default? I managed to get these plushies online and through the help of my friend. They are so adorable and huggable! 💖 I wish the NA Square-Enix webshop would stock these…are you listening, Square-Enix?!


Omake - Extra Games
I also got these games in the mail recently!

In the midst of writing this post, I got another package containing two more games. The game backlog never ends. I managed to finally get the Vita port of Beastmaster & Prince, which also contains the Snow Bride fandisc. I…had to get it, since it doesn’t seem like we’ll be getting the English version anytime soon, sadly. 😦 Also, I think it’s out of print, so it’s getting harder to find. Speaking of out of print…I also got Alice in the Country of Joker. It was the last remaining Alice game that I wanted to get, and I was lucky enough to find a used copy of the deluxe version. Everything is intact, so I’m incredibly pleased! Here’s where I bought the games in case any of you also wanted to purchase them:



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