Gift’s Early Summer Campaign to start soon!

Gift’s online shop’s sale event is about to begin real soon, so it’s time to prepare your wallets! A quick update though: Gift tweeted a few days ago that they have added a new plush to the list of items that are going to be on sale…the Mikazuki Munechika plush!

He's here, and he's ready to slay your wallets!
He’s here, and he’s ready to slay your wallets!

Yes, our dear jiji plush will be available for order as part of the Early Summer Campaign! I’m pretty psyched for this, as are many other fans, especially since it was unknown whether this plush was going to be an exclusive to some other event or released normally on shops like AmiAmi. It would be nice if they would release it normally, but knowing how Gift works, it would mostly likely be a webshop exclusive.

Let’s take a closer look at the plush!



Look at all those tassels! The plush looks incredibly colorful and eye-catching. I always like how Gift stitches the eyes on these plushies; they’ve included the yellow coloring in his eyes nicely! I will end up doing a  review of this plush when I get it, so please look forward to it! The Mikazuki Munechika plush will be priced at 3,500 yen.

Gift also added some one other cute set of items: colorful raincoats for your plushies!


You can have your plushies wear these adorable raincoats! They come in red, blue and yellow. If you wish to accessorize your plushies for the rainy season, these raincoats will be available for order and will be priced at 800 yen each.

Gift’s online sale event is set to begin on 5/15 at 18:00, which is just around the corner! Which items are you looking forward to purchasing?

Until next time, happy collecting!

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