Cynthia Nendoroid Now on US Pokemon Center Webshop!

Quite awhile ago, back in February, the Cynthia Nendoroid was announced to be released as an exclusive to Pokemon Center shops in Japan and then on Several other independent shops like the Sunyshore Pokemart were able to secure some units for sale, making the Nendoroid slightly easier to obtain…but, the units up for sale online were not many. And so, a lot of fans were left without a chance to get the elusive Cynthia Nendoroid.


On August 19th, the US Pokemon website posted up the news that got a lot of fans extremely excited: that the US Pokemon Center webshop will have the Cynthia Nendoroid up for order! This is really great news! They previously had the Pokemon Red Trainer Nendoroid for order as well, so this most likely means that the Pokemon Nendoroids will all make their way to the US Pokemon Center webshop! This really makes it easier for fans to get their hands on the exclusive Nendoroids.

Cynthia Nendoroid

The champ is here!

Cynthia is currently available for order RIGHT NOW, so if you missed your chance before, I really suggest you order, since the amount of units in stock are mostly likely limited. They’ll ship your order within 24 hours, so they’re ready to go to a loving home! Will you pick up the Nendoroid of the lovely Sinnoh Pokemon Champion?

Here’s to hoping that US Pokemon Center webshop will also carry N’s Nendoroid…fingers crossed!

Until next time, happy collecting!

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