Meet the Witch boy Magical piece Main Cast!

Earlier on, Sekai Project announced at their Otakon panel that they’re aiming to localize the unique Witch boy Magical piece game for the PC! The game details an alien invasion by the mysterious Creatures, and how the main cast banded together in an attempt to defeat them. These Creatures couldn’t be harmed by conventional methods, such as firearms or any physical attacks, so a private military company has conducted research to successfully reverse-engineer a power from the alien world to have a chance to fight back against the Creatures. This power is wielded by the men of the Magical Pieces squad, turning them into Witches…which changes their physical bodies from male to female! While their hearts remain the same, they get to form a more intimate relationship with each other, which prompts them to go on an exploration of their own gender identity, asking themselves: “If I had been born a girl, could I have become his girlfriend?” or “Which side of me did he fall in love with, my female self or my male self?” As they face their enemy, and themselves, how will the come to see the future?

Let’s meet the main cast of the game!

Magi-King: Hinata


“I’m not fighting for my father’s sake. I won’t become his chess piece.”

  • Name: Sakurai Hinata
  • Protagonist
  • Age: 18 years old
  • Height: 175cm
  • Birthday: August 17th (Leo)
  • Voice actor: Takeuchi Ken

Hinata is a student of a prestigious high school located in the Imperial Capital. Thanks to his father’s position as the Commander of Koutetsu Ouban, he’s forced to become a member of the Magical Pieces. Having been blessed with talent, Hinata has, over time, proven to be a powerful Witch.

More than anything else, his strong sense of responsibility is what keeps him going as an ally of justice, serving as the leader of the Magical Pieces squad. But one day, he’s ordered to form a unit with one of the new members in order to effectively combat the enemy who continues to grow strong with every day. He would rather die than let his post-transformation female identity, “Magi-King,” which has become an idolized symbol of salvation to the people, be exposed.

Magi-Alice: Shiharu


“Don’t call me a pawn! Alice will ultimately become a Queen!”

  • Name: Terada Shiharu
  • Age: 18 years old
  • Height: 165cm
  • Birthday: March 22nd (Aries)
  • Voice actor: Fukushima Jun

Shiharu is Hinata’s classmate, foster brother, and closest childhood friend. Overflowing with a competitive spirit and intense sense of justice, Shiharu was enlisted to become a member of the Magical Pieces. Sadly, due to his weak magical power, he’s unable to transform into a female body and has to fight while crossdressing. Thanks to that, there’s little anyone can do to keep his identity from being known to the public. For better or worse, that results in him constantly receiving either encouragement or teasing from others.

Because of his tendency to be hasty and careless despite his enthusiasm, Shiharu’s regarded as a troublemaker who can make a mess out of anything. He currently holds the lowest rank of Witch, “Alice,” but is always dreaming of becoming the highest rank, “Queen.”

Magi-Knight: Akira


“It doesn’t matter if I want to do it or not, it’s a knight’s duty to protect their Mistress.”

  • Name: Akira
  • Age: 20 years old
  • Height: 183cm
  • Birthday: September 14th (Virgo)
  • Voice actor: Kawahara Yoshihisa

Akira is a lady-killer blessed with a beautiful face and perfect proportions. Being well aware of his advantages, Akira’s decided to waste his time at university flirting with women rather than on his studies. Even though his policy of, “everyone’s welcome,” allows him to be constantly surrounded by ladies, there’s a rumor going around claiming that he actually has someone he truly loves.

The transformed Akira is exceedingly beautiful, and the way he fearlessly charges toward the enemy only further embellishes his charm. However, no one knows why Akira’s enlisted to become a Witch in the first place, as he himself has admitted to not having the slightest interest in world peace. In contrast to his appealing attitude to girls, his attitude towards men is nothing short of rude, especially toward Hinata. He never refers to Hinata by name, and instead, calling Hinata “Young Mistress” purely due to the fact that Hinata’s going to be the successor of the Commander.

Magi-Rook: Yuki


“I wonder if it’s really alright for an old man like me to become a Witch…”

  • Name: Hirawata Yuki
  • Age: 36 years old
  • Height: 170cm
  • Birthday: January 11th (Capricorn)
  • Voice actor: Miura Hiroaki

Yuki used to be a normal researcher at Koutetsu Ouban, involved with the experiments on magical power. One day, an accident happened and turned him into a Witch. He’s known Hinata for ten years, and since the very first day, he’s become Hinata’s target of admiration. He’s quiet and gentle, hasn’t got much enthusiasm for socializing, but he is not without the slyness of an adult.

His Magical Piece identity is a petite and sleek young girl. Even when putting the attractive bosom aside, with his soft touch, and grace, Yuki has attracted the attention of men all over the world. However, the title of “The most desired Witch” doesn’t exactly help him with house chores and other daily necessities, which he considers to be the hardest things to do. Yuki has been a long-time heavy smoker at both work and home, but recently, due to taking care of a stray cat, he’s fighting hard to reduce how often he smokes.

Magi-Bishop: Isana


“I want to know the reason I’m fighting.”

  • Name: Misao Isana
  • Age: 24 years old
  • Height: 192cm
  • Birthday: July 17th (Cancer)
  • Voice actor: Okitsu Kazuyuki

Isana is a cheerful young student with a large build. Gentle and friendly, it’s very hard to make him angry. His vigorous thirst for knowledge makes him a passionate learner, and probably contributes to his politeness towards everyone. The man is, however, not without his flaws. He’s naïve, and a supremely natural air-head. He works at the Koutetsu Ouban laboratory as Yuki’s assistant, but perhaps it would be more accurate to regard him as Yuki’s caretaker. He has an extreme appetite, and will constantly snack on something until the next meal.

His transformation is quite remarkable as it turns him into a little girl. Despite the small transformed figure, his destructive force is said to be among the most powerful. Not much is explained about his potential aside from the fact that he possesses a magical power not seen in any other candidate.

Magi-Queen: Itsuki


“Even if I won’t be able to see you again tomorrow, I’ll just keep on protecting this planet.”

  • Name: Itsuki
  • Age: 12 years old
  • Height: 142cm
  • Birthday: October 31st (Scorpio)
  • Voice actor: Suganuma Hisayoshi

Itsuki is a mysterious young boy who suddenly appeared in front of Hinata and his team. He is a child with a hidden, unimaginable power. Calm, and witty, he’s been a great help to the squad. However, at times, he can also be sulky, shy, or even jealous, which are traits usually associated with a child his age. He seems to be looking for “a certain something” he’s lost…

Which character piques your interest the most? I happen to find Shiharu to be the most interesting, but I’m quite interested in Isana and Yuki as well. Can’t wait to find out more about them in the game!

The announcement of the Kickstarter for Witch boy Magical piece is coming soon, so please keep your eyes out for it! Follow Sekai Project on Twitter and Facebook for more upcoming information on their titles. I’ll be posting up info on this game as well, so please look forward to that!

Until next time, happy gaming!


Rosemary House released some really cute LINE stickers for Witch boy Magical piece. It’s based on the Creatures that the main characters fight!

They're destroying the world...but they're cute!
They’re destroying the world…but they’re kinda cute!

They have some cute and funny expressions! I wonder if Rosemary House will release another sticker pack featuring the main characters…Let’s hope they do so!

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