“Who’s Your Favorite Bachelor?” – Otomate World’s Latest Contest!

Did you miss Otomate World‘s previous contest? Fear not! They’re currently running yet another contest with several goodies to be won.

Lots of cute goodies to be won!

If you head over to their Facebook page, Otomate World asks of fans: “Who is your favorite bachelor and which Otomate game are they from?” A simple question with many possible answers. To answer that question, I give you…my top 3 Otomate guys!

(Disclaimer: Some spoilers ahead if you haven’t completed Amnesia: Memories, Code: Realize and Hakuoki!)



3) Amnesia: Memories’ Kent


There’s plenty of reasons why I think Kent is a great guy, and those reasons are why I feel he’s one of the best characters in Amnesia: Memories. The rate of emotional growth this guy went through to try and gain understanding of the heroine’s feelings and even his own feelings is amazing. He starts out as a guy who uses logic, mathematics and science to explain absolutely everything…which of course didn’t help him in the matters of love. This, of course, frustrated him, but he is a man that never gave up; he sought to understand why his way of thinking wasn’t working out for him, and he even opened up his views…and it was all because of his own feelings for the heroine. In the end, he realized how much he felt for her, and how far he’d go to make her truly happy. 💕 In the best end, he rushed to see the heroine in the hospital to make sure she’s alright (and make the sweetest confession ever! 😍), even though his ever-important presentation that would determine his eligibility to study abroad was going on. Yes, that meant that he didn’t get to go abroad that year, however, he applied for the same chance to go abroad at a later time, and he got accepted…along with the heroine! So they both went abroad for their studies…and love! 💖

Then there are Kent’s hilarious interactions with Ikki, which are just mainly him throwing all sorts of high-level math quizzes in Ikki’s direction and challenging him to complete them. 😂



Let’s not forget…he gives the heroine one of his famous quizzes as well! Time to brush up on your problem-solving skills! 😄



2) Code: Realize’s Saint-Germain


The cast of Code: Realize is pretty much the best bunch of characters I’ve seen yet in an otome game; it was really easy to like everyone. However, the one route that stuck out to me the most is Saint-Germain’s due to the amount of love that he holds for Cardia and his fight with his own emotions to try and figure out what would be best. Being an Apostle of Idea meant that he had to do what’s “right” for the world and its population, completely disregarding whether his feelings will allow for that or not. Would he allow for events that will lead the world astray or would he throw away his feelings altogether and become a machine that will do whatever Omnibus pointed at? I feel that in this regard, he understood what Cardia meant by being a “monster,” because he felt that he was one as well. The more Cardia opened up to him, the more he understood how she felt, and the more he fought with his own emotions, because after all, his mission was to kill the being that will set into motion the completion of the Philosopher’s Stone.


In the end, he said “fuck it all,” and decided to fight each and every one of the Apostles of Idea, so he can have his own freedom to love who he pleases. He was done with not being true to himself, which killed him more than what was supposedly “setting the world to chaos.” Even when confronted with a being like Omnibus, who had all of the knowledge concerning the world, he didn’t give up; he begged her to let Cardia live. This man would do anything AND everything possible to make sure the love of his life lived! If that’s not true love and devotion, I don’t know what is.

It’s also hinted that in each route he was in love with her. But of course, love can’t be forced, so while Cardia was happy with her selected suitor in the other routes, he simply disappeared at the end…probably to either die at Omnibus’ hands or have his eternal life ability taken away for failing to kill Cardia. 😭



1) Hakuoki’s Kazama Chikage


It’s no secret to all of of you…but the one Otomate guy that gets my heart going real fast is none other than Hakuoki’s Kazama Chikage. 😍 I tend to like his character type, so I was already attracted to him, even though he was one of the antagonists. Yes, yes, I know that he was all about making those oni babies with Chizuru, but behind that is a man that genuinely cares for his demon kin and doing what’s best for them. You get to see snippets and bits of that throughout other routes, but when his route is reached, you get the full display of what he’ll do to secure the peace and safety of demons, and that meant doing whatever he could to keep Chizuru safe as well.


It was discovered that Kodo wasn’t actually captured; he offered his  Water of Life amalgamation to the shogunate to make his very own army that will conquer both humans and demons to form a whole new rule, and he needed his “daughter”, Chizuru, for this plan to come to fruition. In pure disbelief, she asks Kazama to spare him because in actuality, she’s the head of the Yukimura clan, so if anyone were to take responsibility, it would have to be her. At this moment, while Kazama was preoccupied with securing the remaining demons, he admired Chizuru’s resolve and started actually falling for her.

paying respects

He even went as far as showing her the remains of the Yukimura clan’s home so she can have some closure. They both paid their respect to the brave members of the clan who stood their ground that ended up costing their lives. Now that Chizuru knew the whole truth about her lineage and how humans have tried to use demons for their own power, she could finally move forward with her life.

Kazama smooch

With a kiss to seal in the deal, Kazama promised to come back to her when the dust of war has settled. What began as a sole goal to secure the future of demons soon become much more to Kazama, as he saw his future much brighter with Chizuru in the picture!

I took an interest in Kazama due to his character type, but that then flowered to be a complete love of that character the more I played the game and found out more about him!  I loved his resolve to save his demon kin, his cocky attitude, his voice (omg😍😍), and, of course, his dashing good looks!💕 If you played the PS3 release of Hakuoki (Stories of the Shinsengumi), you got to see more of him teasing Chizuru and then being teased back, along with cute little lovers’ spats!

So there you have it! My top three Otomate guys are:

  1. Kazama Chikage
  2. Saint-Germain
  3. Kent

I only wish that Gift would hurry up and make Saint-Germain plushies, so I can get all of those and make a Saint-Germain shrine too! 🙏 Please hear my prayers, Gift.

Who are your favorite Otomate guys and why? Go over to Otomate World’s Facebook page and tell them for a chance to win some cool prizes! The contest ends on Thursday 3/10 at 12pm PST, so you have a few days to enter. While you’re at it, please consider supporting the Beastmaster & Prince Kickstarter campaign, so we can help make a brighter future for the localization of otome games!

Until next time, happy gaming!

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5 thoughts on ““Who’s Your Favorite Bachelor?” – Otomate World’s Latest Contest!”

  1. Omg. All those Kazama plushies O____O LOVE.

    We must have similar tastes as those 3 guys are my favorites from each game as well! Although I also do like Ikki a lot from Amnesia since his character is pretty different to what I thought it would be (also one of his bad endings I actually liked… ahaha… ). Although I also like some of the brothers from Brothers Conflict huhu~ Honestly, it gets hard for me to choose a favorite from a series / game mostly because I feel like I haven’t played enough Japanese otome games to interact with. But Saint and Kazama (as well as Ai from Brocoli’s UtaPri) are some of my favorite otome chars ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, those plushies took years to collect. I’m happy to have all of them…that is…until Gift decides to release more! 😵

      Oh man, Ikki’s bad ends…I honestly didn’t expect him to snap like that! It took me by surprise!

      There’s still so many Otomate titles I’ve yet to play, so I wonder how much this list will change as I play more of them…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Saint Germain stole my heart lol. I don’t understand why he isn’t the number one in Code Realize’s character poll considering how his route went. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve really loved a character as much as I have and I really hope Saint gets a fantastic route in the FD 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I thought I would have ended up liking Lupin more, but in the end, Saint-Germain proved to be the best guy for me! I can’t wait for the fandisc; it’ll be a day 1 buy for me! ❤


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