Meet the Amnesia: Memories Bachelors!

With the release of Idea Factory International’s Amnesia: Memories coming up in August 25th, otome game fans are excited to finally get an official release of the game to play, enjoy and support. Which guy will you be pursuing? Here’s a quick look of the cast that you’re able to interact with! Continue reading “Meet the Amnesia: Memories Bachelors!”

Sekai Project To Localize Witch Boy Magical Piece Via Kickstarter

2015 has been a really strong year for otome games being localized and released, which has pleased many fans as well as gaining the interest of many new players. It’s only natural that the BL (Boy’s Love) genre be next, right? Sekai Project is aiming to localize Witch boy Magical piece, but they need our help to make that a reality! Witch boy Magical piece is made by Rosemary House, and it’s originally a mobile game that’s still being updated regularly. Through the Kickstarter campaign, the game will be ported to be playable on PC instead, so more people have a chance to play it. Since the BL genre is showing to have more of an audience, having more localized BL games to choose from is definitely appealing. Witch boy Magical piece is a pretty unique game that many will enjoy, so let’s take a closer look at the premise for the game.

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Anime Expo 2015 and Their Exclusives!

It’s time to get excited: Anime Expo is upon us! Anime Expo tends to have several exclusive items that people can buy from certain booths in the convention’s dealer’s room, along with having exclusive events that people can attend. To have easier access to that information along with other essential information, I’ve put together a guide for anyone who’s going to Anime Expo this year to have handy!

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It’s time for Visual Novel May!

In an attempt to get more people to play through their backlog of games, the lovely Anne from Chic-Pixel has organized a year-long event composed of different game genres themes each month called the Community Game-Along. Each month a new theme starts, and players can join in playing titles of that particular genre. It’s a really neat concept that not only allows you to get through your huge backlog of games, but encourages people to talk about their progress on Twitter using the various hashtags per theme! I’ve decided to join in this month, since it’s Visual Novel May and I definitely have a lot of visual novel games that I hadn’t really played.

Let’s take a closer look at what I’ll be playing!

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Otomate’s Hakuoki Finally on Mobile Devices!

Last week, Gloczus finally released Otomate’s Hakuoki on mobile devices for the US and Canada! Fans all over rejoiced after having waited for a long time for a more portable way to play Hakuoki without having the actual gaming consoles the games were originally released on. This particular release comes with an exclusive unlockable tea ceremony chapter (already unlocked in the Premium Edition) that fans that have already played the game before may want to play through, since what happens in that chapter is pretty cute!

Let’s take a closer look at the mobile release of Hakuoki!

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