Otomania 2017 – Round 2 Results & Round 3 START!

It’s that time, my dear readers. Here’s round 3 of OTOMANIA 2017! ✨ Once again, infinite thanks to the Otome Armada from all over for taking part in this event. If you missed out on voting in the previous rounds, not to worry, there are still many more rounds for you to crown the BEST otome game of all space and time in this year’s OTOMANIA! Round 2 is now OVAH, so let’s see which game took the win.

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Otomania 2017 Is Here! Decide Which Game Reigns Supreme!

Hello, my dear readers! It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Many apologies for the months of silence; in the midst of last year, I got a pretty amazing new job and it had me take on some pretty big responsibilities that kinda took a larger chunk of time than I thought it would. I’m actually right now finalizing preparations to move to CA so I can better do my job with the rest of the staff. Exciting times ahead! ✨ I hope to be able to talk about it a tad more when I’m able to. In any case, sorry for being a bit quiet, thank you to those who have read my blog and look forward to more posts to be posted a bit more regularly as the whole moving thing comes to a close in a few weeks!

Anyway, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way…onto the real reason of this post!

There are two things that I’m quite passionate about that I always talk about on Twitter. These have really cheered me up in my worst of times, and not only that, but these have allowed me to meet some amazing people I never ever thought I’d ever meet. If you’ve followed me long enough, you already know what those two things are. These two things are… otome games and wrestling! 💖💪 Quite an odd combination, right? (Where’s my wrestling-themed otome game, huh?!)

So in honor of Wrestlemania being today, I’m going to launch an event that has YOU, my dearest reader, decide which otome game is the very BEST! That event is the first ever OTOMANIA 2017! 🎉

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Vote in Spike Chunsoft’s Latest Poll; Get Kenka Bancho Otome to the Top!

📣Calling all otome game fans!📣 This just in: Spike Chunsoft has noticed us BIG TIME and they’re finally giving us some attention! How so, you ask? They launched a VERY IMPORTANT poll asking the following question:

Wait…is that…? IT IS!!! Kenka Bancho Otome is on that poll!!! 🎉🎊 The otome game community has boarded the hype train, and there’s several reasons why.

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Tokimeki Radio Episode 5 – Game Updates Galore and Anime Expo Hype Train Don’t Stop, Won’t Stop!

It’s that magical time, y’all! ✨ Welcome to yet another episode of Tokimeki Radio. I’ve kept you waiting for a bit longer than intended; sorry about that. These past few weeks have been the toughest weeks I’ve faced this year, but it’s been eye-opening in a way that got me set up on what I’m to do for the future. Still dealing with bits of the aftermath, but I’m feeling much better. Thanks to those who sent me their well wishes and their encouragement; it really, REALLY means a lot to me! 💖 With that out of the way…here it is…episode 5 of Tokimeki Radio!

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Anime Expo 2016 and Their Exclusives!

It’s that magical time of the year, ya’ll…Anime Expo time! 🎉  Anime Expo is famous for having several exclusive merchandise that people can buy from certain booths in the convention’s dealer’s room, along with having exclusive events that people can attend. Just like last year, I’ve compiled information of the announced exclusive merchandise along with other essential information for con-goers have handy while at the event. Let’s see what we have to look forward to for this year’s event!

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Tokimeki Radio Episode 4 – Mobage Takeover, Badass Otome Rumble and Anime Expo Hype!

It’s that time, ya’ll. Welcome to another episode of Tokimeki Radio! ✨ Thank you for your patience while waiting for the episode to be released; work has been kinda hectic, but it’s been fun, so I can’t complain at all. We might do something special for when we’re at Anime Expo, but that really depends on whether I have enough room in my suitcase for my mic…so we’ll see! Without further delay…here’s episode 4!

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