Introducing Orange Rouge: A New Brand Dedicated to Male Characters!

Some exciting news for figure collectors, especially those who collect male figures!  Goodsmile Company and Max Factory have combined their forces to bring us a new figure line dedicated to male characters called Orange Rouge! Though I question why a different brand was needed for male figures rather than just simply producing those products under the normal brand, this at least highlights that they recognize that there is a demand for male characters merchandise, and they’re planning to meet that demand.

The name ‘Orange Rouge’ comes from the french words for ‘orange’ and ‘red’, which are the colors that represent Goodsmile Company and Max Factory. The brand will release Nendoroids, Figmas, bigger-scaled figures, and goods featuring male characters. To kick off the new brand, they’ve already made some new figure announcements!

Tsurumaru Nendoroid sculpt revealed!
Tsurumaru Nendoroid sculpt revealed!

Touken Ranbu’s Tsurumaru Kuninaga has a nendoroid announced, along with already having sculpt to show off! The face is pretty faithful to the illustrations shown in the game, so I’m quite pleased. I’m really eager to see what other expressions they’ll show off soon!

Shokudaikiri Nendoroid announced!
Shokudaikiri Nendoroid announced!

Along with Tsurumaru, the Shokudaikiri Mitsutada Nendoroid was also announced! Very exciting, since he’s quite popular! I wonder if they’ll announce the Ookurikara Nendoroid to go along with Shokudaikiri…

New Kashuu 1/8 scale figure announced!
New Kashuu 1/8 scale figure announced!
New Yamato 1/8 scale figure announced!
New Yamato 1/8 scale figure announced!

New Touken Ranbu 1/8 scale figures of Kashuu Kiyomitsu and Yamatonokami Yasusada have also been announced! I really hope they both come out at the same time, so they can be displayed side-by-side. I’ll be looking forward to their sculpt reveals!

The Mikazuki 1/8 scale figure will be released under the Orange Rouge label
Mikazuki 1/8 scale figure!

And, of course, the already-in-production Mikazuki Munechika 1/8 scale figure will also be released under the Orange Rouge brand. Perhaps a sculpt of him will be revealed at WonFes 22?

Koujaku Nendoroid will be released soon!
Koujaku Nendoroid!

They still haven’t forgotten about the Koujaku Nendoroid, which will also be released under the Orange Rouge brand. A teaser pic of the Nendoroid’s sculpt was shown a couple of days ago on Twitter. Expect to see the sculpt at WonFes 22! The biggest piece of news for DRAMAtical Murder fans is that it’s been hinted that there will be MORE DRAMAtical Murder Nendoroids! I wonder who’ll be next…Clear, maybe?!

Oikawa Nendoroid announced!
Oikawa Nendoroid!
Nichinoya Nendoroid announced!
Nichinoya Nendoroid!

Additionally, the Oikawa and Nichinoya Nendoroids will also be released under the Orange Rouge brand. Here’s to hoping that their sculpts are shown on WonFes 22, since I know plenty of Haikyuu!! fans eagerly awaiting for these!

I’m thinking that more items under the Orange Rouge brand will be shown and announced at the upcoming WonFes 22. Are there any male characters that you’d like to see as a Nendoroid, Figma or bigger-scaled figure? I’m personally hoping for a 1/8 or 1/7 scaled figure of Noiz and Clear!

Until next time, happy collecting!

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