Otomania 2017 – Round 6 Results & Round 7 START!

Many apologies for the delay in starting this round, my dear readers. I’ve just recently moved cross-country (by car!), and between unpacking, getting settled in and working at the office, my time has been really limited.

However, now that I’ve gotten the most time-consuming stuff out of the way, I can now continue with…OTOMANIA 2017! With that said, it’s time for ROUND 7! ✨ Thanks for those who have participated in this event and debating about which games you think are best with others. If you didn’t vote in the previous rounds, no worries, you’ll have an opportunity to vote in the latest rounds to make your voice heard on which game is the most wonderful of all~ Round 6 is long OVAH! Let’s see which game didn’t make it.

round 6 results

The winner of round 6 is… Ken ga Kimi! I expected this results, because I saw it this game mentioned soooo many times in the survey. A lot of you sang praises for this game! Ken ga Kimi is a game that had been recommended to me various times, and it’s a title I personally hope to see in English one day so many more people can enjoy it.

current standingKen ga Kimi will face Code: Realize in the 10th round… oof, that’s gonna be a tough one! Which game will come out on the top in that round?

For people who don’t know much about Ken ga Kimi, let’s talk a bit about the game.

Ken ga Kimi main visual

Taking place during the early stages of the Edo period, this is Rejet’s first Japanese-inspired tale. Kayo, our heroine, is the daughter of a food & tea house and is living with her father. One day, she was asked an odd favor by the Princess of Sunpu Castellan, to take her place in a marriage promenade. Because Kayo and the Princess are splitting images of each other…


Bewildered, but with her mind set, Kayo departs on her journey from Tokaido region with six samurai for bodyguards on the marriage promenade to Edo, Hakone, Mishima, up till the destination in Sunpu.


And so, the wheel of destiny begins to spin.


On the way towards Edo, she becomes caught up in youkai with destructive abilities, as well as the ‘Sword Retrieving Imperial Match’ that concerns the legendary five great swords, which is really a cover for a sickening ritual being performed…


Through the criss-crossing and intertwining of paths, finally the road splits into two.
One, living with the sword in the path of war.
Two, living with you in the path of peace.


The destiny they find their way through to is…?

I myself don’t know much about Ken ga Kimi other than what the story summary lets on, but it seems like it’ll have a very interesting story to follow. And did you notice how PRETTY the art is?! There’s a lot of attention to detail here… enough that it makes me want to buy the artbook and guide just to glance at the pretty art! This is a game that many people are like “Elly PLEASE PLAY THIS, IT’S SO GOOD!” I know they can’t steer me wrong.

You can buy Ken ga Kimi at the following places:

Since it’s for the Vita, I’m pretty sure you can also use the PS TV, so you can see the game in all its glory on your big TV~

Now…it’s time for ROUND 7 of OTOMANIA 2017!

Round 7 will be between Mystic Messenger and Sweet Fuse! Wow…both of these games are must-plays in my opinion, so choosing between these two is a bit rough. Which one do you think is the better game? Which game will be the victor? YOU will decide that, my dear readers! Vote, talk about it in the comments or on Twitter and any other social media site, but most importantly: have fun💖

Author: Elly

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2 thoughts on “Otomania 2017 – Round 6 Results & Round 7 START!”

  1. XD I didn’t know much about either, but I voted for KLAP! It looked really interesting, and like a setup I haven’t played before as a heroine.

    This next round is really tough. It’s going to get harder as the matches continue!


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