Otomania 2017 – Round 7 Results & Round 8 START!

Hey, ya’ll, it’s that time… Time for Round 8 of OTOMANIA 2017! ✨ I’m incredibly grateful to those who are taking part in voting and talking about this event as it goes on. It’s fun to see otome game talk and read about why you find a particular game so special. There’s still time to participate so you can crown the most supreme of otome games in this year’s OTOMANIA! Round 7 is now OVAH! Let’s see which game was DELETED!

round 7 results

The winner of round 7 is… Sweet Fuse! WOW! 😲 I did not expect Sweet Fuse to take this one! There were many a time where I checked and it was tied. Good on Sweet Fuse to take the victory; it’s definitely a game worth playing if you haven’t done so already! Do give Mystic Messenger a try as well, since it’s a very unique game that does some very innovative things in the mobile game scene.

round 8Sweet Fuse will face the winner of round 8… I wonder which game that will be!

Since we already talked about what Sweet Fuse is about, let’s take a look at the game’s endearing characters.

1 - saki

2 - Subaru

3 - Towa

4 - Kouta

5 - Ayumu

6 - Kimimaro

7 - Ryuusei

8 - Makoto

9 - Keiji[Source: Sweet Fuse website]

Remember, you can get Sweet Fuse via PSN. If you don’t have a PSP, no worries, it’ll be playable on the Vita as well!

Now…it’s time for ROUND 8 of OTOMANIA 2017!

Round 8 will be between Nameless and Kenka Bancho Otome! The hype train is real strong with Kenka Bancho Otome, so I predict that game will take the win. Though Nameless is a pretty solid game as well. Which game do YOU think is best? Which game will you pick to be the victor? Vote, talk about it in the comments or on Twitter and any other social media site, but most importantly: have fun💖

Author: Elly

Hello, I'm Elly! I really love and enjoy figure collecting, anime, manga and videogames! I write about my love for my hobbies. Thanks for visiting!

One thought on “Otomania 2017 – Round 7 Results & Round 8 START!”

  1. wow!! Sweet Fuse has a lot of fans!
    I think it often isn’t talked about because it was such a complete story, so the player wasn’t left with that “omigosh i wanna see more of this idol-prince-type boyfriend (give me more Rejet!! lol)
    But at the same time, it has that catharsis of being a complete story with a fun game mechanic. ❤

    This next vote is easy for me, but the other rounds are going to get really hard!


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