Otomania 2017 Is Here! Decide Which Game Reigns Supreme!

Hello, my dear readers! It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Many apologies for the months of silence; in the midst of last year, I got a pretty amazing new job and it had me take on some pretty big responsibilities that kinda took a larger chunk of time than I thought it would. I’m actually right now finalizing preparations to move to CA so I can better do my job with the rest of the staff. Exciting times ahead! ✨ I hope to be able to talk about it a tad more when I’m able to. In any case, sorry for being a bit quiet, thank you to those who have read my blog and look forward to more posts to be posted a bit more regularly as the whole moving thing comes to a close in a few weeks!

Anyway, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way…onto the real reason of this post!

There are two things that I’m quite passionate about that I always talk about on Twitter. These have really cheered me up in my worst of times, and not only that, but these have allowed me to meet some amazing people I never ever thought I’d ever meet. If you’ve followed me long enough, you already know what those two things are. These two things are… otome games and wrestling! 💖💪 Quite an odd combination, right? (Where’s my wrestling-themed otome game, huh?!)

So in honor of Wrestlemania being today, I’m going to launch an event that has YOU, my dearest reader, decide which otome game is the very BEST! That event is the first ever OTOMANIA 2017! 🎉

Last Sunday, I tweeted out a survey that served as a means to prep for this event:

Not only did this help me set up the bracket of which games were going to be in this event, but it was entertaining and enlightening to read where some of the interests of my fellow otome game fans lie. Some of you wrote short answers. Some of you wrote me VERY LONG and detailed answers! It was great to read and I thank everyone who took part in it! 💕 I’m going to briefly talk about the results.

Onto the first question: “When did you first hear about otome games?
Most of you had your start around 2011 and heard of the game genre from friends. Sharing IS caring! Quite a few of you learned about it through either Persona 3 Portable (Rock on! That game is GREAT) or Hakuouki.

Which leads me to the next question of “What was your first otome game?
As expected, a VERY HUGE number of you stated that Hakuouki was your very first otome game. The runner up is Amnesia: Memories and in third place, Sweet Fuse. Mystic Messenger gets an honorable mention; it was the fourth most mentioned game as an answer for this question. All of these are really good games, so I have to say you all got a very good start!


Quite a large number of you buy merch based on your fave games and characters! I should have asked a follow-up question as to why people wouldn’t be able to buy these. Is it because of lack of interest or lack of funds? Or is to because you don’t know where to look for this kind of merch? Or perhaps you feel it’s too expensive? If you wish to answer, please leave an answer below!

amount of games

34% of you have more than 20 games which is higher than I thought I was going to see! I’m very happy to see that a lot of people buy more than 5 otome games. If I had held this survey a couple of years earlier, I wonder how the percentages would change around. But this essentially shows that there is most definitely a market and it’s only growing strong!

For “Which otome game titles would you like to see in English?“, a VERY LARGE number said Kenka Bancho Otome. I WONDER WHY. 🤔 Haha, but yes, people are very hungry for Kenka Bancho Otome and they are very eager to throw money at it! Spike Chunsoft, do the right thing, my dudes! Other titles that often got mentioned: Clock Zero, Ken ga Kimi, KLAP!!, Binary Star, Beastmaster and Prince (WE HAVEN’T FORGOTTEN!!!) and many more. Shoutout to the lone person who mentioned K Project: Wonderful School Days. I don’t know many K fans, so I LOVE YOU. 😘

And lastly…the important question!!! “Which otome game is your favorite and why?

Why was this such an important question, you ask? Why, to form A MASSIVE TOURNAMENT OF OTOME GAMES! You all gave your answers and your very detailed insights (thank you, my loves), and I picked the TOP 14 games.


I will run a poll each day asking which one of the selected games you favor. The winning game will move on to the next round and face another game which, again, you will pick which one is the best! This will go on until the very final round! The game that wins this will become the first OTOMANIA 2017 champ! Not only will this get people talking about these amazing games, but there’s MORE…!

The game that wins OTOMANIA 2017 will be offered in a giveaway to a lucky winner that gets selected!

Round 1 starts…NOW! It’s between Sweet Fuse and Black Wolves Saga! Which game is best? It’s in your hands, dear readers! Vote, talk about it in the comments, but most importantly…have fun!

Happy OTOMANIA 2017! ✨💪

Author: Elly

Hello, I'm Elly! I really love and enjoy figure collecting, anime, manga and videogames! I write about my love for my hobbies. Thanks for visiting!

5 thoughts on “Otomania 2017 Is Here! Decide Which Game Reigns Supreme!”

  1. This is awesome! how fun!
    although it will be hard seeing my all-time favorites lose… (but at least it will be to other great games haha)
    I wanna cheer from the stands and hold up goofy Otomania signs! whoo~!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Glad you like it! I commissioned the great Makku to draw it for me, and it turned out *FABULOUS*!

        It’s a Fatal Fourway match! And since there’s no DQ…anything can pretty much happen! I should uh…write up a little story about this, huh?

        Liked by 1 person

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