What’s in the Box? Mystic Messenger SPECIAL BELIEVER Set Unboxing!

Hello, my dear readers, and Happy New Year! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ†Β I hope you all had a great holiday season with your loved ones. 2017 was a turbulent year for myself and many others; here’s to a brighter new year.

To kick off the new year, here’s my first unboxing post of 2018! A box from Cheritz arrived the other day with a very special set inside.

The SPECIAL BELIEVER package! πŸ‘

It’s the second set for the Mystic Messenger game, the SPECIAL BELIEVER package! If you’re not familiar with Mystic Messenger, here’s the game’s premise:

You were looking for game app just to kill some time and stumbled upon an app called “Mystic Messenger.” It sound interesting, so you downloaded it. Once you opened it up, you found yourself chatting with someone nicknamed “Unknown.” “Unknown” persuaded you to go to some studio apartment. As soon as you walked into the apartment, your app is suddenly connected to a mystic group chat with attractive guys?!

After a long chat, they ask you to join their secret party planning association called R.F.A….

Mystic MessengerΒ is a game that has taken the otome game community and even people who aren’t familiar with otome games by storm, and that’s wild. Why is it that this mobile otome game grabbed so much attention where other games failed to do as such? It’s due to how immersive it is. The game itself is displayed as a mobile messaging app that many people might use, and its chats are displayed in a very familiar fashion (LINE, anyone?). While, yes, it has selectable choices as responses rather than entering your own, the replies are believable due to how the characters are portrayed. The interactions that the characters have with each other and with respect to what you select make this seem very, very real. Not only that, but the real-life objects and happenings, such as the honey butter chips craze, long cat and the game Yoosung obsesses over, LOLOLOL (League of Legends) make it even more real and immersive. It feels as if YOU truly are the main character who happened to download this app and happens to be chatting with these people. It’s something that I haven’t seen many games do, and it’s something that I feel people should play the game for.

While people may gripe about it not being on Steam, it wouldn’t have worked or even have been as popular because it’s made so that you feel you’re on your phone talking to people in a mobile chat app. And even though this is a mobile game, Cheritz prepared the RFA VIP Package for people who wanted physical goods, which was a huge success; the set sold out each time it was reprinted! The set contained guidebooks, a CD set that included the OST and the voice actor free talk sessions with the translations, the characters’ business cards, a badge and lanyard that officially makes you an RFA member and a card that has some paid content for you to redeem in-game.

With the release of V’s and Ray’s route, why not make a new set for these stories?


I really dig the flyers that Cheritz produces to make this seem like a legitimate thing; it’s yet another thing that helps with how immersive the game is! Not only do you have to have the ability to stay up all night playing games (which some of you already do 😜), but you also have to… uh… be excellent in eating foul-tasting liquid medicine? OK! Then there’s Rika’s illustration with the goofy real-life hand right next to her, promising Eternal Paradise for followers of the savior.Β πŸ€”


The box is a simple black box with Mint Eye‘s logo. On one of the box’s sides, there’s the following passage:

This package has been created for people in agony.
If this package has been wrongly delivered to you,
it means this gift is needed to you.
Paradise, free of tears and free of wounds awaits you.

A red and gold sticker that reads “For You” must be removed before it’s revealed what’s inside. Thankfully, it was easy to remove unharmed and I was able to save the sticker!


πŸ‘ For Eternal Paradise πŸ‘

Once I opened the box, I was greeted by a short message from Ray, who sends his thanks for joining Mint Eye, and a longer message from everyone’s favorite little savior, Rika:

What kind of world have you been living in?
Haven’t you been suffering from permanent wounds you gained from being betrayed by your most trusted friend or partner?
Have you ever imagined what kind of place it would be like where there are no agonies and pain, eternally?
Mint Eye will be your salvation.
It’s now the time to forget about all the scars and torments that’s been haunting your life.
Enjoy an eternal life filled with happiness in paradise Magenta.
We deeply and truly welcome you for becoming a “Special Believer” or Mint Eye.

That’s… quite a bit to unpack there, huh? That’s the general tone of the way these routes play out, which is something that a lot of players asked to see, and Cheritz delivered.


Oh, hi Elizabeth 3rd! 🐾

I was blessed by Elizabeth 3rd as soon as I pulled aside the tissue paper. ✨ Lots of goodies are packed in! Let’s take a closer look at them.


Here’s another little message from Ray, and… magnets featuring products from C&R! I’m ecstatic that these are magnets and not stickers, because I adore having cute and interesting magnets adorn the fridge and my filing cabinet!


Inside the gray pouch, there’s the Special Believer card that unlocks in-game content along with a lanyard and ID cards for Yoosung, Seven, Ray and Rika. Like the other cards in the previous set, these are very well made!


The Another Story OST has all the tracks from V’s and Ray’s route, in addition to having the April Fools and X-Mas tracks as well. Lyrics for the songs are printed in both English and Korean. On the last page of the booklet, the phrase “I pray for your happiness” is written. 😭 The amount of care that has been put in this set is amazing!


The art for Mystic Messenger is so damn nice, so I’m glad there were illustrated postcards included in this set, although some of them make my heart twinge a bit. 😭 The very last one is made to look like a photo; it’s a glossy print!


As with the first set, there’s a Talk Party CD set in the set too! Not just that, but there’s a bonus video collection disc that has interviews and… unrevealed scenes?!Β πŸ‘€Β What kind of scenes, I wonder…


Of course, there are translations included for the Talk Party and the interviews! ✨


The books within further detail on specific characters and gives further insight as to why they behaved and acted the way they did in the game. One of the books has this cute “What’s in Your Bag?” section with all of the characters! These are meant to highlight the game, and much like the ones in the first set, are brilliantly done!



The SPECIAL BELIEVER Pack is a real treat for Mystic Messenger fans! It has plenty to offer for people who want to own a little bit of the game’s world.

Unfortunately, as of this time, the set is sold-out. But, since Cheritz has reprinted the first set, I’m sure this set will also be reprinted. Keep an eye on their social media sites in case they announce pre-order dates for any future printings!

Until next time, goodbye and goodnight!Β πŸ‘†



You should’ve just written about me instead!Β 

The second this box was opened, Edea seemed to almost teleport to the box’s location to claim the box as her new favorite nap time spot. Sometimes I don’t even have to open the box; if she sees one, she’ll sit on it!Β πŸ˜‚Β Edea really, REALLY loves boxes!Β πŸ“¦

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    1. Yup, it was indeed a pre-order! I guess it was a pre-order bonus? I didn’t really read the description and pre-ordered it to complete the set with the previous one they did.


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