Kashuu Kiyomitsu Nendoroid Up For Order!

Hello, fellow collectors! Last time I talked about the recently-revealed sculpts for some of the nendoroids that GoodSmile Company revealed at the last WonFes. Among them was the recently-painted Kashuu Kiyomitsu nendoroid that is up for pre-order right now! Let’s take a closer look at the little cutie.

“Aa– I’m the child beneath the river. Kashuu Kiyomitsu”

Eating dat dango

Eating dat dango

Even though one of his signature characteristic is not there (his fingernails painted red), he looks really cute and impressive! He comes with his sword, and the Enchanted Dango, which remedies the fatigued status of a sword in Touken Ranbu.

“Scouting isn’t really my thing…”


His smirking face is spot on from the one shown in the game before a sorties kicks out into full battle! It’ll be fun to do head swaps with other nendoroids!

“Haa…I’m sleepy…”

I was mistaken on the third faceplate; I thought it was a neutral face, smiling face and the smirking face, but the Nico Nico broadcast did not actually show the third and last faceplate: the yawning face. It is absolutely adorable and will go well with the following item…

Nendoroid Sleeping Bag!

Nendoroid Sleeping Bag!

Sweet dreams!

Sweet dreams!

As GoodSmile Company did with Mikazuki Munechika , they are also releasing the Nendoroid Pouch: Sleeping Bag that corresponds to Kashuu. While not actually included with the nendoroid (you have to purchase it separately), it’s the perfect complement to the sleepy Kashuu face!


Kashuu’s emblem

The stand for the Kashuu nendoroid features Kashuu’s emblem, which is pretty nice, since it won’t just be a clear standard base. It feels like it adds more to the nendoroid.

First Edition Bonus!

First Edition Bonus!

As with the Mikazuki Munechika nendoroid, the first batch of the Kashuu nendoroids will come with a first edition bonus of a special background that you can have on your game. But you better order quick to snag this first edition bonus; once pre-orders sell out, you won’t be able to get this bonus code!

Sleppy Kashuu Charm!

Sleppy Kashuu Charm!

If you order through GoodSmile Company’s webshop, you get the webshop-exclusive sleepy Kashuu charm. It’s a must for Kashuu fans!

The Kashuu Kiyomitsu nendoroid releases on September 2015! You can order it through the following shops:

GoodSmile Company Webshop


Hobby Search

Until next time, happy collecting!

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