Make Your Wishes Come True in the New Tears of Themis Event

It’s time to beat the summer heat with a cool and sweet new event in miHoYo’s Tears of Themis! The game’s release was met with high acclaim, with 668,238 folks pre-registering to play. Not bad for miHoYo’s first ever Romance game, huh? To keep the celebrations going, the global version’s first ever event, Summer Breeze, has recently started! There’s a bunch of stuff you can earn that will definitely help out your starting deck if you haven’t downloaded and played Tears of Themis yet (get a move with that, will ya?!).

Summer Breeze

Sure, getting all sorts of items and materials to level up your cards and beef up your deck sounds great, but that’s not all you’re here for, right? It’s all about that shiny new event-exclusive card you can get, featuring everyone’s favorite handsome rich brat, Marius! And along with that, you can get a chance to have a special Invitation of the guy of your choice. More on that later!

As you complete tasks in the event, and even doing non-event exclusive tasks like spending your AP, you’ll gain special experience points that will go towards your event level. What you earn all depends on that level, so if you want to get all of the event goodies, make sure to complete all of the tasks! As with any mobile game, there is MORE you can get if you spend a bit of cash…

If you choose to fork over the $14.99, you not only get 1,000 EXP, but you also get 3 Tears of Themis and access to more and better prizes as you increase your event level.

I Want to Play a Game

While you can get the EXP from various tasks while the event is going on, the best way to earn the points is to play in the special event itself! The event is styled in an adorable board game fashion, where the objective is to make as many rounds as possible on the board to raise the level of the wishing tree during the festival, and as you guessed, the higher leveled it is, you reap more rewards. Each cell you land on will do different things:

  • Wealth Cell: Earn a random number of Wishing Coins
  • Supply Cell: Earn one extra die
  • Gift Cell: Earn random materials
  • Multiplier Cell: Activate a random multiplier for a set amount of steps
  • Luck Cell: Free item from the wish list
  • Job Cell: Initiates job to be completed; complete it within the listed rounds to get a prize
  • Riddle Cell: Answer a question to get a prize

‘Round and ‘Round You Go

You move to each cell by rolling the dice, and you can change who accompanies the MC at any time, which I highly suggest you do, because of the different reactions to any jobs you end up taking! Along with their reactions, you’ll get some humorous and heartwarming conversations as you keep going around the game board.

If you thought you were only be going for a nice stroll in the city without any debating, you thought WRONG. Festival employees and impostors lie in wait for you to debate with. Rewards earned through these debates depend on the damage dealt, so if you’ve got a real good deck, expect a nice payout! Along the way you might also encounter the fabled Odd Grandpa (yes, that’s what he goes by). Answer Grandpa’s odd question, and you can get a rare item or a debate buff for future battles on the game board. Be kind to Odd Grandpa, okay?

Make Your Choice

Keep a memento of your time at the festival by getting an Invitation of your fave guy in super-cute chibi form to adorn your main menu with! While you can get the chance to earn one Invitation by completing the event, you’ll only get… ONE. So, if you’re like me and really like more than one character, you might be considering spending a little bit to nab that extra Invitation while the event is going on. Prices start at $9.99 for one invitation, $17.99 for two, $23.99 for three, and $29.99 for the full set of four.

¡Qué Dulce!

The Invitations change the music and the background of your main menu screen, and it also shows up on the banner of your player profile. It’s also interactive; tap the screen and the characters will do a little something for you! 💖 Here’s an example of Luke’s Invitation. It’s just too adorable for words, y’all!

Dazzling Summer

And finally, what you have been waiting for… the special summer gacha cards! If you have the cash, this is where you’ll likely spend it, because these cards are so incredibly GORGEOUS.

Don’t believe me? Take a look below for yourself!

I still can’t get over how pretty the art is in this game. 😍

The Summer Breeze event is going on for 14 more days, so if you’re just now downloading Tears of Themis, there’s plenty of time to join in the festivities! Download the game today on Google Play or on the App Store. And if you want to keep updated with the latest Tears of Themis news, make sure to follow their Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube pages. Don’t forget to join their Discord server too; they tend to do giveaways on there, so don’t miss out!

Until next time! ✨

Have you been playing Tears of Themis? Which event card are you aiming to get? Let me know down in the comments!


Some the riddles you’ll have to answer at the event are a bit too much.

Can I get uuuuhhhhhhhhh… borger. 🍔

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