Touken Ranbu Online Now Available in English!

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That’s right, y’all, it’s finally time to unleash your inner Saniwa and forge these gorgeous swords as you embark in your Touken Ranbu journey. The English version of Touken Ranbu Online is finally available for all to play and enjoy! 🎉 With the game having been first released back in 2015, it really is a joyous occasion to be able to officially play and support the game.


As you can imagine, when the English release of the game was announced with a portal to pre-register, Johren got A TON of folks registering to ready up for the big day. Oh yeah, if you pre-registered, you were able to get all sorts of goodies today to help you be on a good start to getting your fave sword:


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©︎2015 EXNOA LLC/Nitroplus


Don’t worry if you didn’t get to pre-register, though; these items you can still get bit by bit as you play the game! 


Here’s what Johren had to say about Touken Ranbu Online in its release day PR statement:


Touken Ranbu Online is an online, free to play, turn-based, sword raising simulation game that centers around a sage who must battle an evil entity trying to alter history with the help of anthropomorphized swords that transform into heroic, sword-wielding men.

It has been dubbed a “Joseimuke” game after it created a sensation in Japan due to its rabid fanbase of women who were drawn to the “Saniwa” (the game’s protagonist), fascinated by the Japanese history, and enticed by the beautiful male characters. It now promises to make waves in the English-speaking gaming community.

The original Japanese version was released in 2015 and built an impressive fanbase of 1.5 million within a year. With this latest version, Johren is seeking to build on its already expansive number of users.

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The game was originally set to have a February 23rd release date, but it was delayed. What a surprise it was for Touken Ranbu fans that several days ago, a new date would pop up, and it was basically right around the corner! There was also supposed to be a media preview prior to the game’s release, which would’ve been nice to have to test and see if the game had any hiccups to fix, but it seems to have been difficult to arrange at the time. 


With the English version of Touken Rabu finally being live, there’s several of events and gifts going on:


Wait… this is actually synced with the events of the Japanese server?! That’s neat, but also really rough on new players, especially new players who haven’t ventured into Touken Ranbu until today. There should’ve been an event that’s friendlier on newcomers so they can ease into the game.


And of course, with the launch of the game, there’s a sale going on right now for items used to forge your darling new swords:


There’s plenty going on, so you’ll have no shortage of stuff to do on your first expedition in Touken Ranbu Online! If you want to play the game and haven’t registered yet, no worries, you can get set up by clicking here. There’s countless guides made available and shared by the wonderful Saniwa who are well-versed in the world of Touken Ranbu, so there’s no shortage of help and assistance! Now, go out there and create your dream sword husbando! 


Keep an eye out on the official English Touken Ranbu Online social media channels to find out more info on the current game events going on and upcoming news:

Until next time! ✨


How far have you gone into Touken Ranbu Online? Have you gotten your dream sword yet? Let me know in the comments!

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