The Pirate Mermaid Demo Overview

Ahoy, mateys! ⚓️ What’s this? You stumbled upon some treasure, you say? Let’s take a gander at what you’ve got… Woah! A game where a headstrong and stubborn lass assumes the role of a captain in a quest for that one true treasure to clear her father’s name, AND you get to flirt with cute and handsome mermen?! Aye, that’s quite the loot, I must say! 😍 Want to find out more, matey? Well, read on!

Today we’re taking a look at a game I’ve been curious about for awhile now, Navigame’s The Pirate Mermaid. I was given the opportunity to play the updated demo before it was out, and before I knew it, I spent hours playing it, enjoying what each character had to offer and had a jolly good time! ✨

In The Pirate Mermaid, you play the role of a stubborn and assertive young woman whose father died while searching for the mermaids’ treasure. Since then, she has sworn to find it yourself to clear her father’s name… While also becoming the richest person in the world! Becoming a pirate was the best way of accomplishing that goal… Until her own crew decided to dumped her overboard during a huge storm. 😱

Miraculously, she is saved by a sorcerer who will make her a magical contract, but not without a catch! He’ll transform her into a mermaid to cop the treasure, but only if she brings him a red vial from the mermaids’s treasure vault. If you fail, you’ll be turned into… a lobster DINNER?! 🍽 😱

Our heroine has six days before the spell ends. Will she become rich beyond her wildest dreams? Or will she completely botch the contract and become lobster bisque?


And so, our journey begins here!

screenshot0003There was a prior demo release, but since then has been updated to have all the bells and whistles that almost makes it seem like a complete game.

The game has various options, including the standard text speed, and screen display, but also offers to have the animations turned on or off. I personally recommend you leave them on, since it brings the game to life even more. It also has the option to switch on and off the hints system, which will remain locked until you beat the demo once. It’d be nice to get that in the full game too, so you can truly have a blind run first to see where your own personal choices land you! This game also features partial voice acting both in Japanese AND English, which surprised me! I haven’t played through with the English voices yet, but the Japanese voices didn’t disappoint. 💕

If you go into the Extras menu, you’ll be greeted with plenty of stuff to unlock, which will have you replaying the demo a few times over. You’ll have achievements for completionists like myself to unlock. I’ve got a couple I haven’t unlocked yet, but I’ll get there, I swear! It’ll also have the standard CG/BG and music unlocks, along with a menu to replay scenes that you’ve unlocked. There’s plenty of dialogue selections in the demo, so if you want a hint on what you’ve missed, this menu becomes really useful if you want all those shiny achievements! ✨ And last, but not least, the Extras menu has the credits for the wonderful folks who made this demo possible. 💖 They put a lot of heart and soul into this, so remember to support them!

The demo opens with Jack making the astute observation that it’s your first time playing through this adventure, and he offers his help to get your started. This is such a cute way to begin this demo, as Jack explains all the options you have at your arsenal while you get a good look at the type of personality Jack has (which is pretty funny, if I do say so myself).

You’re then able to name the heroine and select a color for your mermaid self, which is neat! I thought it would always be pink, so I’m happy that I can change it to a deep red.

Our heroine vows to complete her father’s work… But not without fantasizing about how stinkin’ RICH she’s gonna be after she proves people that her father wasn’t lying about the mermaids’ treasure! 🤑 Her and Jack tend to have plenty of these moments.

Your faceless (MY FACE WHEN THEY GOT NO FACE 😂) crew, however, is totally NOT thrilled about your plans or behavior. Seems like our heroine here has put her crew through a lot of trouble trying to get to the mermaids’ treasure and they’re just not having it anymore! A little runt steps forward to challenge your leadership, since things have clearly gotten out of hand to the point that she continues to push them to the point of them skipping meals.

After a heated argument with your first mate, he suddenly swings at you because he’s had ENOUGH of your mermaid tales! A fight starts and swiftly ends, as he’s no match for the skilled captain. He screams his curses and you have a choice whether to pay him no mind, mock him, or tend to his pain.

The end result, of course, is that they’re all still frustrated at how she’s ruled with an iron fist, but didn’t really care much for her crew. Our heroine tries her best to encourage her crew, but in the end, they’re pretty much done with you and they want to save their own hide before they die from the mermaids’ storm.

You can either reflect on how your actions led to this conclusion or angrily plot your revenge on your ungrateful crew before things go out of control and you’re suddenly underwater. …But whose hand is that? That voice…

Land Ho! Our heroine is suddenly on a beautiful beach, which….waitaminute, it’s the same beach that her dad described to her! 🎉  They’ve made it, so now all they gotta do is haul their butts to get that treasure! …But without a crew, her ship and the tools, it’s going to be quiiiiite hard to get that accomplished. That is until they run into a sorcerer that’s been living a lonely life on the island. You can choose how to proceed from here, which will affect your karma and, of course, if you get on his good side or not.

Eventually, a plan of turning into a mermaid is formulated, but it has some very strict rules: our heroine only has 6 days to infiltrate the mermaids’ treasure vault or she’s going to be turned into the sorcerer’s lobster dinner (but WHY?!), and she’s to retrieve a red vial for him without fail. How you do it is of no consequence…right? You’ll get to see for yourself! Our grumpy and steppable sorcerer warns to avoid the mermaid prince at all cost, because dealing with him won’t end well… Hm, what could that mean?


Hello, handsome! 😍

After our heroine ignores the rest of what grumpy pants sorcerer has to say, she takes her first dive as a mermaid and after going through some mermaid shenanigans, which I won’t ruin for you because it’s kinda humorous, she meet a very handsome merman who offers to help. Just who is this guy and what will happen to our heroine as she learns more about the mermaids and their ways? Find out by playing that sweet demo when it’s out today! ✨

Personally, I loved playing every bit of this demo! 💖 Every character was so charming with their varied and colorful personalities that it makes me want to find out more and more about them and this world. The production of this demo is pretty amazing as well; lots of care has been put into it, and it really shows. The only complaint I had was that after you beat the demo the first time around, it doesn’t save your name and mermaid color settings when you go back to start on a new game, and that’s really such a minor thing that it doesn’t matter; it doesn’t detract from how much fun I had playing the demo. The music fits the mood perfectly, and the partial voice acting makes me wish it was fully voiced! This game has so much charm that it makes it very memorable.

At the end of your first playthrough of the demo, you’ll be prompted to answer a survey to express what you thought of the demo among with other questions that will help with the game’s eventual release. I strongly urge you to do this survey so that Navigame can have the best possible game release as they can.

The Pirate Mermaid demo will be out later today! You can check out more details on Navigame’s developer blog to get the demo when it’s out. ✨ Let me know which character ended up being your favorite in the comments below after you play the demo for yourself!

Also, while you’re here, don’t forget to check out Navigame’s previous game, a2 ~a due~, a sweet visual novel about music, language, and maybe even love!

EDIT: The demo is OUT NOW!! Go get it and have fun, my dear readers!

Until next time, goodbye and goodnight! 🤘



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